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Plant Trees With Orbit Car Hire

Each reservation with ORBIT plants a tree where it is needed the most in the world at each time.


Great ideas are always born in the woods, and so is ours. We at Orbit Car Hire are all big nature lovers, and we all believe in the importance of the trees to our environment in regards to the air that we breathe, water quality we drink, climate and health. From the very beginning, somewhere in the background has always existed a great desire and idea to contribute to environmental problems and do something valuable for our planet also from our side. So we've decided to plant a tree where it is needed the most in the world at each time. After each month, we collect all of our bookings and donate to One Tree Planted a total of 1 tree per booking. 

We plant trees
Why its important to plant trees


We believe it is essential that we do everything in our power to contribute to the environment. So we set on a mission to find the best way for us here at Orbit to help the environment. We examined the various possibilities, discussed our ideas and decided to become a part of a 1 for one project together with One tree Planted by creating our promise to plant a tree for each reservation we receive and therefore put our effort to help the environment. 

Our promise to the world

Orbit Car Hire has one goal, and that is to take as good care of our planet as we possibly can. We make sure to do our best when it comes to our office and office supplies by recycling out all of our waste and using as many recyclable products we can. We have also promised that we will plant a tree for each booking we receive. 

We are in this together.

We all share the same planet, so we must do everything in our power to take as good care of it as possible together. By planting a tree when making a booking with Orbit Car Hire, we are combining our efforts to help our fantastic planet. 

Let's plant trees together! 

So what are we waiting for! Let's head on this journey together as a team. We will continue to plant trees and make as many contributions as possible to help our planet and our environment grow safely. 

The reason why we need to plant trees all around the world

Trees play an essential role in the environment by providing clean air, purifying water, and stabilizing the soil. They are also a critical food source and shelter for many animals. As our planet becomes increasingly populated and developed, it is more important than ever that we plant trees to help protect our environment.

There are many reasons why we should plant trees for the environment. Trees produce oxygen that we need to breathe, absorb carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change, and provide shade and cool the air. Trees also reduce noise pollution and can help to prevent flooding. In addition, trees provide wildlife habitats and help beautify our landscape.

Despite the many benefits of planting trees, many people do not do it because they do not understand the importance of trees or know how to grow them. Therefore, learning about the benefits of trees and how to plant them before you start planting them in your community is crucial.

If every person planted just one tree, it would make a massive difference in helping to protect our environment. So let's get started and plant some trees!

Benefits of planting trees 

It is estimated that we can offset our carbon footprint by planting 1.5 trillion trees. Trees are natural filters of the air, and they produce oxygen for us to breathe. They also help regulate the planet's temperature and provide homes for many species of animals. Planting trees is one of the most impactful things we can do to combat climate change and protect our environment. Additionally, trees are beautiful and provide shade and shelter in our communities. We can make our planet a more sustainable place to live for generations by planting trees.

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