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Premium Coverage Explained

A short description of our product from the point of view of recommending it for a more carefree trip.

Premium coverage option

Additional coverage

The “Premium Coverage” option can be selected at the time of booking (subject to availability) or can be ordered and added to a reservation through the Reservation system prior to the pick-up time (subject to availability).

At the time of pick-up, the car rental agency may offer you additional coverage. The agent does not refund any locally purchased insurance charges/fees even if deemed unnecessary after the return of the rental car.

Premium cover

When the user collects the car, the car rental agency will require a security deposit in case the rented car is damaged during the user's rental. If the user purchased the Premium Coverage option before the rental began, the agent will waive the user's liability (and refund the user) for any charges withheld from the user's deposit/excess, subject to the terms described here.

Premium Coverage protection waiver product is offered to users making new bookings. It will cover the charges for physical loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle up to the amounts specified below:

  • Excess / deductible / CDW charges for damage or theft (Up to 3,000 €);
  • Damage to the Vehicle body, fire, theft; windscreen and other glass, wheels, tires and hubcaps, locks, bodywork and roof which are a result of the collision (Up to 3,000 €);
  • Lost / damaged key cover (Up to 500 €);
  • Miss - Fueling (Up to 300 €);
  • Administration charges (Up to 500 €);
  • Towing expenses (Up to € 500);

Premium Coverage covers the amount of Excess (up to 3,000 EUR) charged by the car hire provider.

Premium Coverage will not cover:

  • Repairs not approved by the car rental agency;
  • Cleaning charges or damage to the interior of the car;
  • Damage to / loss of child seats, GPS devices or other “extra” equipment;
  • Damage / mechanical damage to the clutch, engine, gearbox, and oil pan;
  • Lost / stolen / broken car documents;
  • Water damages to the vehicle;
  • Door structure (frame, hinges etc.) caused by wind gusts (In Iceland);
  • Undercarriage damage;
  • Damaged / broken / empty battery;
  • Charges directly related to locking oneself out of the rental car;
  • Mechanical failure of the rental vehicle;
  • Instances where personal belongings are stolen from the interior;
  • Third-party damages;
  • When any fraudulent, dishonest or/and criminal act has been committed by the driver or/and passengers;
  • Hotel costs or other out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Damage due to war, revolution, civil unrest, riots, terrorism or severe weather and natural disasters such as hail, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc;
  • 'Immobilization' charges (for potential loss of revenue that the car hire company suffered while the car was being repaired and was not in a position to be hired out)
  • Roadside assistance charges
  • Costs incurred under circumstances that breach these General Terms and Conditions (such as but not limited to: dangerous, careless or negligent driving, driving that breaches the local regulations, a vehicle being driven in unauthorized areas/countries or unpaved roads, the vehicle being stolen due to the loss of keys and/or documents, commercial use, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, etc.) or the terms of the user's car rental agreement with the car rental agency.

If the Premium Coverage is purchased, the car rental agency will still block or charge the user's credit card with a deposit when the user picks up the car, to cover potential damage to or loss of the rental car - but the Premium Coverage option certificates that the agent has waived the user's liability to pay for the charges detailed here, and that the agent will refund the sum withheld from the deposit to cover these charges, subject to the terms described herein.

Claiming on the Premium Coverage cover

To claim the Premium Coverage, the user must contact Customer Service within 28 days of returning the vehicle to the car rental agency and provide the agent with the complete claim. For a complete claim, the user will need:

Rental agreement;

The car's check-in and check-out documents, which clearly show the new damage being charged for by the car rental agency;

Proof of repair costs from the car rental agency (final invoice);

Evidence of payments deducted from the user's payment card by the car rental agency (bank statement - showing the charges made by the car rental agency);

Photos of the damage;

Clearly and correctly fulfilled the official accident report or car rental agency's accident report form (in case a third party is involved in the accident);

A police report (in case a third party or unknown person has done the damage).

We aim to resolve all damage claim requests in the shortest time possible after receiving all the required documentation.

In cases where a third party has been involved in an accident, the agent requires confirmation from the car rental agency that the liability for the accident has been determined (and any legal cases settled) before the agent can process the user's claim.

All claim payments are processed onto the payment card used to purchase the Premium Coverage from the agent (or into the user's bank account) and will be issued in Euros.

The agent is not obliged to reimburse the user for administrative expenses (card transaction, exchange rate variations and any other costs associated with the refund).