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6 Best Destinations For Climbing

Wondering why rock climbing is one of the best ways to spend your vacation? Climbing not only challenges you physically and mentally, but it also brings you closer to nature and your surroundings. Visit one of these top 6 destinations for rock climbing, test your strength, balance, endurance, and agility, and discover beautiful foreign places.

Apart from the benefits to your body, mind and soul, rock climbing gives you the opportunity to visit some spectacular places. Here are a few:

Frankenjura, Germany

Located in southern Germany, Frankenjura is one of the top areas for sport climbing in Europe and also the largest climbing area in Germany - it has over 8,000 established routes, so you're sure to find at least one that suits your needs. It's also a perfect place for beginners, as it has almost 300 routes with a difficulty rating below 5.9. The crags are spread all over the area, so you can climb several places in one day with one car, depending on the sun or the difficulty of the routes.
The best time to climb in Frankenjura is late spring and also summer, as many of the crags are in the shade of the forests. Therefore, Frankenjura is a popular summer holiday destination for climbers all over Europe.

6 Best destinations for climbing around the world
Paklenica, Croatia

Located near Zadar, this is the most famous place for climbing in Croatia. This place has a special charm because it is located near sea waters that allow the combination of climbing and water sports. Climbing ranges from single pitches to big-wall climbing routes and you can choose from over 350 established routes. Some of these are suitable for absolute beginners, while others are for experts. The main climbing season starts in spring and lasts until late autumn, making Paklenica the best summer holiday destination.

Railay, Thailand

Thailand is an amalgamation of exotic locations, tropical climate, amazing beaches and friendly people, so it's no surprise it's included in our list. Speaking of exotic, this place is only accessible by boat and you'll be able to climb incredible cliffs above the beautiful blue waters that surround you. Almost 700 of the routes here are already bolted, making for easier climbing. What more could you ask for?

Go climbing in Railay, Thailand 
Kalymnos, Greece

A small island in the Aegean Sea, Kalymnos is considered one of the best climbing destinations in the world due to its abundance of rock formations, safety, climate and infrastructure. It is not surprising that more than 10,000 sports climbers visit Kalymnos every year. The rock in Kalymnos is limestone of the highest quality and free of loose rock. There are 80 sport climbing areas here with more than 2300 routes equipped with permanently drilled pitons. The routes vary in difficulty and are suitable for beginners and experts.

Mount Arapiles, Australia

Located about 300 km from Melbourne in the town of Natimuk, this place is considered the heart and soul of traditional climbing in Australia. Here you will find over 2000 quality routes, which is almost unreal because Mount Arapiles is a relatively small mountain made of hard quartzite rock. The climbing here is essentially belayed, you will find a few bolts but they are mainly on the harder stuff and in places where natural gear is not enough. The rock offers climbing at all grades, including some of the hardest in the world. The great thing about Arapiles is that it is a year-round crag, so you can easily find a shady line even in the middle of summer. If you plan to visit this mountain, you can easily camp on-site for about $ 6 per night.

Tafraoute, Morocco

Just a short flight from Europe, 125 km southeast of Agadir, Tafraoute in Morocco is becoming a mecca for climbers looking for easily accessible adventure and climbing. This beautiful mountain terrain is easily accessible, with many of the crags within a twenty-minute walk from the road. The entire area is not yet fully developed, so there are excellent opportunities for new routes to be developed. You can choose from a variety of climbing options, ranging from bouldering to long multi-pitch routes up to 800m in length. There is also a wide range of difficulty levels, especially at the lower end, so you will have no problem finding one that suits your needs.

Go climbing in Tafraoute, Morocco

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