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Brussels Christmas Markets

Winter is a magical season for so many reasons. The cold weather alone is responsible for sweaters, bonfires, hot chocolate, and cosy get-togethers at home. Plus, winter is when one of the most beautiful celebrations of the entire year takes place - Christmas! Families and friends all over the world come together to exchange gifts and enjoy the festive season.

But we all know that Christmas is about so much more than presents. It's about the experience - Christmas lights and decorations, friends, family, traditions, shopping and most importantly, spreading joy! Alright. We know. This is going to sound a bit cliché, but it's the truth. If you're looking for a truly "joyful" experience this year, we suggest getting out of the house for the winter season to enjoy some incredible events at Brussels Christmas Markets.

Brussels Christmas Markets

Brussels Christmas Markets

The Brussels Christmas Markets take place annually in the winter months leading up to the holidays. They open in mid-November and go until early January. The best part? There are several markets in Brussels, so you, your friends and your family can enjoy a variety of Christmas events. Here's what you can expect at each of the most popular Brussels Christmas Markets this year: 

Winter Wonders Christmas Market in Bruxelles

What's not here. The Winter Wonders Christmas Market in Bruxelles offers some of the best-mulled wine and incredible European food. The market is huge and offers amazing sightseeing opportunities at every corner. The market hosts live Christmas and musical performances for those who want to attend an event. The sales tables are full of unique Christmas souvenirs and gifts that are perfect for Christmas shopping procrastinators. But most of all, the best part of this Christmas Market is the ice skating rink. Enjoy it, but be careful! You don't want an arm cast on your Christmas wish list. 

Taking a photo of Christmas tree in Brussels

Castle Karreveld Christmas Market

This is something for all the artists and art lovers out there. The Christmas Market at Karreveld Castle hosts the work of some of the country's greatest artists and craftsmen. It is located (as you may have guessed) at Karreveld Castle. This castle was recently renovated, making it a beautiful place for festive celebrations. Stop by this year and check out the place decked out in Christmas decorations, merch, and amazing artwork!

Anderlecht Christmas Market

To all the families out there - here's the Christmas Market for you. Anderlecht Christmas Market is known for its fantastic Christmas games and live entertainment. Santa Claus comes to the grand opening of the market. There are plays every day at Collegial Church from Saint Peter and Saint Guido. This makes it a prime option for families travelling with young children. But beyond that, Anderlecht Christmas Market is also great for food enthusiasts. You'll find great Christmas treats and desserts throughout the market, as well as amazing Belgian-inspired dishes. As always, there are more merchandise booths than you'll have time to visit. Bring some extra cash and buy a few odds and ends! Belgium Christmas waffles  

Finding a car rental

If this is your first time travelling to Brussels, Belgium, we understand that it can be difficult to find your way around the city. We highly recommend renting a car for your trip to make transportation easier! You can find great options within your budget here.

What are you waiting for? The holiday season is quickly approaching, and Brussels has all the festivities and celebrations you could want. Visit Castle Karreveld Christmas Market to see incredible art. For those of you with children, we recommend visiting Anderlecht Christmas Market for a variety of plays and live entertainment throughout the day that will keep families and staff of all ages entertained. And of course, for those of you looking for a classic Christmas shopping experience, you can't go wrong by visiting Winter Wonders Christmas Market. Stop by and enjoy the holidays!

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