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Christmas markets in Bruges

Christmas is coming to town, and where better to get into the Christmas spirit than Bruges. This charming Belgian city is best known for its striking UNESCO historic city centre, where you can explore mediaeval buildings rising up cobbled streets. Bruges is also known as the Venice of the North because of its fishing port and many river canals.

Bruges Christmas markets

Bruges is stunning at any time of year, but it's even more magical towards the end of the year when the historic streets and canals are beautifully decorated, adding a little sparkle to your pictures and making them the perfect postcard for your loved ones. 

Christmas market in the Market Square

The Christmas Market in Bruges heralds the festive season at the end of November and lasts until January. Park your Bruges car hire and explore the area around Market Square, where the city's main Christmas market takes place. As you stroll through the historic city centre during the Christmas season, you will feel like you are in a winter wonderland filled with little cottages where you can find everything from homemade waffles to mulled wine and gifts for your loved ones. The old historic buildings look like gingerbread houses with their Christmas decorations, making you feel like you're in a fairy tale.

The main market European Christmas hosts many fun events that you simply must attend! The biggest events take place from 21 December until New Year's Eve. If you're in Bruges at the end of December, be sure to check out the Flemish folkloric reenactment of the Christmas storey, featuring a real flock of sheep, a full orchestra and over a hundred actors from all over the country. Two days later, grab a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine and enjoy the traditional Christmas concert in the city centre. Sing along with the audience at Christmas Carols. What a great time you will have!

Christmas markets in Bruges

The Christmas market at the "Markt" is close to all the good restaurants and cafes! Take a break from the Christmas festivities and indulge in some Belgian cuisine or have an exquisite cup of coffee. After all, Belgium is best known for its chocolate (and waffles, of course). So we recommend you don't leave Bruges without trying some of the unadulterated Belgian chocolate! Treat yourself to the best chocolates on Chocolatier Dumon or visit the Chocolate Museum ( Choco Storey), which is just a few minutes away from the main square. There are also amazing waffle shops that you must visit! We recommend Chez Albert - Gauffres - Waffles, House of Waffles or Gingerbread Tea Room. We're getting hungry just writing about them!

Do you want to spoil yourself or your loved ones? Bruges has it all for you! Take a stroll down Steenstraat or Geldmuntstraat, which is filled with plenty of high-end and not-so-high-end shops.

Christmas market on the Simon Stevinplein

Looking for the best-mulled wine in a charming location? Just a short drive away in your Bruges car hire is the Christmas market at Simon Stevinplein. This Christmas market is a little smaller and less crowded than the one on the main market, but that doesn't mean it lacks the Christmas spirit. It hosts about 25 small winter huts full of delicious Belgian snacks and even a bumper car ride! How cool is that? Wake up the kid in you and take it for a spin.

Around the statue of the Flemish mathematician, Simon Stevinplein, you will find many great restaurants and local, unique chocolate (Persoons Chocolate store is a must for all Chocoholics) and brewery shops. Indulge your taste buds and take in all the stunning Christmas sights. 

Christmas Market in Minnewater Park

Got itchy feet and want to experience Christmas markets to the fullest? Grab your skates and head to Minnewater Park with your Bruges car rental. This beautiful and romantic place is located in the southern part of the city. It is also known as the "Lake of Love" and serves as a natural entrance to the city. A park is a perfect place for all couples!

This Christmas market is a bit smaller than the markets in the main squares. However, the view of the market is a real treat as it is surrounded by beautifully decorated trees and bridges. Ask the locals about the legendary romantic storey of a girl named Minna and the warrior Stromberg. To complete your "perfect date", grab a cup of tea and warm up a bit before strolling through the magical park.

Car Hire in Bruges

The best way to experience what this Belgian city has to offer during the Christmas season is with a car rental in Bruges. Head to the Christmas market in the market square and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Or if you have time, head to Brussels, which is about an hour away, and visit one of the Christmas markets in the capital!

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