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Orbit's Travel Blog - 20.05.2021.

How to Prepare yourself for a Smooth Car Hire

Everyone has heard the horror stories, some have even experienced it first hand, car rental is bad, really, really bad. Extra fees, expensive insurance, unclear terms and conditions - ring any bells? We at Orbit Car Hire fully understands that this can make you feel uncomfortable just before your rental begins - and no one wants that!

However, there is no need to panic. We take your position seriously and with us, your rental will be a pleasant and worry-free experience. The most important thing is that you acknowledge that renting a car is a specific and unique experience that you need to adapt to (with a minimum of commitment). In the end, both the rental company and the customer want a fair deal for the money paid and the service provided.
So, dear readers, here are the basic guidelines for stress-free car rental:

How to prepare yourself for a smooth car hire
Consider every cost - Calculate the rental days and any additional equipment

First, make sure you know the exact dates, time and type of car you need before you book. This will make booking easier and faster. Also, take into account any extra equipment you would be using as each item will affect your final rental price.
Sometimes a basic rental with a particular provider may be cheaper, but the additional options, such as GPS or child seats or even an out-of-hours surcharge, can greatly increase the final cost! A car rental company that offers a slightly expensive basic rental may have the additional options at a much cheaper price, so your rental price with them could end up being much lower. So calculate wisely and don't fall for the initial low price.

Excess and deposit - Find out about liability

The majority of our clients are concerned about the deductible and the money that will be blocked for the deposit. Orbit Car Hire always displays the deductible amount, which is your liability in the event of damage or theft.
However, customers must have the amount available on their credit card (not a debit card!) at the time of pickup in order for the rental to begin. In most cases, the excess amount represents the deposit that is blocked, and once the rental is complete, the amount is back on your credit card for your free disposal.

Insurance - Avoid huge costs and feel comfortable

Even if you are absolutely sure of your driving skills, you should not overestimate the driving skills of others. After all, you're driving a valuable car in an unfamiliar area - that's a pressure you don't need during your trip, and if something goes wrong, the cost will inevitably hit your wallet.
Wondering what your options are? At Orbit Car Hire you can choose insurance (Premium Coverage) that offers you full reimbursement of damage, a guarantee of a worry-free and safe holiday.

Enjoy a smooth car rental with Orbit Car Hire
Query - Don't be afraid to ask. Send a request or call

If you've never rented a car before, look to us for further instructions. Orbit Car Hire has an incredible support team - all your questions will be answered quickly and clearly! You can email or call us - we will be happy to help you have the most comfortable vacation with a car rental through us.

Book in advance - Think ahead and save money

The prices are cheaper, the offer is wider and the support is better if you book at Orbit Car Hire. When it comes to car rentals, last-minute bookings come with extremely high prices and worse. So, think a few weeks or even months in advance - you will save tremendously, and no worries if your plans change - just let us know and we will find a solution for you.

The documents - Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you

At the time of pickup, you will need a credit card (your own valid credit with sufficient funds to cover the deposit or deductible), ID or a passport, a voucher, an international driver's licence (if required), and any other documents listed as required on your voucher.
Having the required documents with you is the best way to ensure a quick pick up and a smooth start to your well-deserved vacation.
We recommend that you read your voucher carefully before you leave home. If anything confuses you, you can call or email us to discuss it better before you reach the car rental counter.

Communication - Don't be afraid of call centres. They are your best friend.

With most trips, unexpected things can happen and change at the last minute. For this reason, it is important that you are able to communicate with your car rental provider at all times. If you foresee a delay, want to extend or shorten your reservation, or change vehicle categories - just call. If you need help with an incident en route or with pickup, email us and let us know your situation. Road trips are exciting, but also unpredictable, and it's good to have a friend by your side; in any situation, Orbit Car Hire has the experience and the best channels to help you.

Fuel level - Return the car with the agreed amount.

Last but not the least, when you return the car, make sure that you return the car with the appropriate amount. When booking the car, you can choose the fuel option that suits you best. Orbit Car Hire recommends the " full-full" option, as this is the cheapest and most convenient service. However, if you are in a hurry - pay for the fuel in advance and return it with any level - most car rental companies offer this at pick up, but for an additional fee.
Remember that online forums are not a relevant source of information - you want advice from professionals, not first-time impulse buyers whose rental did not meet their expectations. Orbit Car Hire gives you the choice of affordable deals, the knowledge and the friendly advice you need to finally rent a car with a smile on your face.

Enjoy a smooth rent a car with Orbit Car Hire

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