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15 Best Scenic Mediterranean roads

See the most popular panoramic coastal roads in the Mediterranean. If you are looking for an adventure driving on one of the best scenic European routes, here are 15 road trips to try!

A drive on the best panoramic roads in the Mediterranean is something to put on your list of best holiday experiences, especially if you're going on holiday with your rental car. We have prepared the most popular Mediterranean scenic roads that offer beautiful panoramas and breathtaking views. Sharp turns, narrow streets, tunnels and incredible driving and adventure experiences can challenge anyone's driving skills.

Top 15 Scenic Mediterranean Roads

  1. Carretera de Sa Calobra - Mallorca, Spain 
  2. Carretera a Sant Feliu - Barcelona, Spain
  3. Amalfi Coast - Campania, Italy
  4. Adriatic Highway E65 - Rijeka to Dubrovnik, Croatia
  5. Asinara Road - Sassari, Sardegna
  6. Portofino Strada Provinciale 227 - Genoa, Italy
  7. D512 State Road - Croatia
  8. D102 road - Krk, Croatia
  9. Karavomylos Road - Agia Effimia, Greece
  10. Seitan Limania beach - Cyprus
  11. Cap Corse road - Corsica, France
  12. Er 101 - Madeira, Portugal 
  13. Estoril Coast Drive - Lisbon, Algarve, Portugal
  14. D81 - Calanches de Piana, Corsica, France
  15. Gorges du Dades - Marrakech, Morocco

The idea of renting a car and driving on ordinary roads is not very interesting. It does not make the holiday a whole experience. For this reason, the most beautiful Mediterranean panoramic roads are ideal for enjoying a drive in a good car. That will allow you to visit exciting places and sights and stop at any beautiful beach. Most panoramic roads are located right by the sea, in some cases just a few steps from the water or above, usually on a cliff. This bridge offers excellent panoramic views. One of the most exciting sections, which can be a real challenge for the driver but still easy to drive. It is usually between hills or mountains, where the road winds between the peaks and the curves seem to hang in the air. Driving around the curves, under the tunnels, and between the passages is something you have to experience.

Mallorca Scenic road

1 Carretera de Sa Calobra - Mallorca, Spain

A stunning panoramic zig-zag style road starts at the turn-off from the regional road Ma-10 and runs through the unspoilt hills to Port de Sa Calobra. This road, away from towns and villages, offers a breathtaking mountain drive with many panoramic points and natural parks. Its length is 36 kilometres.

2. carretera a Sant Feliu - Barcelona, Spain

One of Spain's best panoramic coastal roads climbs cliffs above the sea, north of Barcelona. The road runs from Tossa de Mar to Sant Feliu Guixols and is 21 kilometres long. The GI -682 is perfect for the perfect getaway with a rental car and is the best way to escape the city in a beautiful scenic setting.

3. Amalfi Coast - Campania, Italy

It is considered the most beautiful coastal road in Italy. It starts in Amalfi, the province of Campania, and goes to Salerno. The favourite part between these two cities is about 15 km long. The magnificent curves over the sea and the picturesque surrounding towns, flowers, beaches, rock bridges and cute narrow passages offer a truly unforgettable romantic Italian experience.

4. Adriatic Highway E65 - Rijeka to Dubrovnik, Croatia

One of the most critical roads in Croatia and the Adriatic region, measuring 535 km, runs throughout Croatia from Rijeka to Dubrovnik. It offers panoramic views and is an excellent idea for a road trip. You can visit many significant and vital Croatian coastal cities along the way (don't miss Split or Zadar) or hop on the islands, such as Krk or Rab, which are close to the coast.

5. asinara road - sassari, sardinia

This scenic road is located on a peninsula in Asinara National Park in northeastern Sardinia. It is a 21 km concrete road that passes through a protected landscape of bushes and stones. The route crosses smaller villages, but most of it goes through a wild landscape close to the sea. There are also countless places to relax by the sea and enjoy the view.

6. Portofino Strada Provinciale 227 - Genoa, Italy

This beautiful coastal road is only 12 kilometres long. Still, it offers gorgeous views and colourful places from the port of Portofino to Rapallo. The road is just a few meters from the sea and passes through a few towns, so it offers a pleasant ride through the old streets of the cities.

7. State road D512 - Croatia

It represents an excellent section of the Adriatic Highway for a leisure drive, starting in Makarska and going to Ravče. It is 28 kilometres long and passes through a bushy landscape with breathtaking views of the peaks and valleys.

Adriatic Highway scenic road

8. Road D102 - Krk, Croatia

This scenic road runs throughout the island of Krk and is almost 50 kilometres long. A renewed bridge connects the central coast and the island of Krk. The route continues through the island, where you can stop at numerous picturesque beaches and lively summer towns.

9. Karavomylos Road - Agia Effimia, Greece

The road is located right on the coast and is 7 km long. It leads from Karavamylos to Agia Effimia. The quiet, sparsely populated countryside is ideal for a short trip, searching for small beaches perfect for relaxing by the sea.

10. Seitan Limania Beach – Cyprus

A short and only 3km long road in Cyprus is full of adrenaline as it runs along a cliff above the sea. The drive is breathtaking as rocks and boulders surround the road. This road trip must be on your bucket list as you drive around Cyprus as it ends at a beautiful beach.

11. Cap Corse Road - Corsica, France

This spectacular coastal road in Corsica is wide enough for a carefree drive but offers exciting views under the cliffs. Its 43 km is perfect for a day trip and provides an opportunity to swim in the sea and take beautiful photos.

12 Er 101 - Madeira, Portugal

Perhaps the most interesting one-way road in the world is located directly above the sea and under high cliffs. Since the narrow road is impossible to meet another vehicle, but luckily the road measures only 3 kilometres. Therefore, it is a great place to take a photo for your Instagram as you drive through the tunnel and sharp curves washed by solid ocean waves.

North coast of Madeira

13. Estoril Coast Drive - Lisbon, Algarve, Portugal

Estoril Coast Drive is one of Portugal's most scenic and famous roads. The road connects Sintra and Lisbon, as well as all the major centres along the Atlantic coast. This 70 km long road allows you to visit towns with an exceptional historical heritage, windy, sandy beaches and, above all, many excellent surf spots.

14. D81 - Calanches de Piana, Corsica, France

Corsica is undoubtedly a stunning Mediterranean island, with an 11-kilometre road running through the jagged rocky mountains, between narrow passages and offering beautiful views. It begins in Les Oliviers and ends in Piana.

15 Gorges du Dades - Marrakech, Morocco

Gorges du Dades is located in the desert 300 kilometres outside Marrakech. It is 130 km long and is a stunning, famous road that runs along the Gorges Dades valley and winds through the passage. Besides the excellent road, this trip offers a unique experience of the Moroccan desert. 

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