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        About Tirana

        Strolling, drinking coffee, and cafes serving hearty Balkan food are the kind of simple pleasures to which Tirana lends itself well. But if you want to explore the city in more detail, there are a few things you should not miss in Tirana. One of the good choices to visit is the quirky and colourful Pazari I Ri, where you'll find fresh fruits and vegetables.  Afterwards, go to the city centre and admire Skanderberg Square, the main square of Tirana, where there is a fountain, a massive statue of Skanderberg himself and gardens surrounding the square. 

        One of the most important things to do in Tirana is to visit the Bunk'Art 2 Museum. Located 20 minutes by bus from the city centre. This museum is dedicated to the history of communism in Albania. It is also good to mention that Tirana is a very safe city. Pickpocketing and random acts of violence are virtually unknown in Albania. Perhaps because there are not so many tourists as in other European cities, locals are more willing to help you and ask questions about where you are coming from than to try to scam you.

        Basic info and car hire in Tirana

        • Location: Central Albania
        • Population: 700.000
        • Official language: The Albanian language is Shqip, but many also speak Italian.
        • Currency: Albanian lek  
        • Internet coverage: WIFI is available in most hostels, so you can easily stay connected in Tirana. Cafes are also a reliable place to find WIFI if you need to stay connected while on the road.
        • Road conditions:  Main roads are generally passable, like the coastal road or the roads leading to the borders, always had road markings, and although they had a little more potholes than you might be used to, that was not a concern. 
        • Car hire in Tirana:  The ideal way to explore the capital city is to hire a car at Tirana Airport. The city centre can be reached in less than half an hour. Tirana's impressive Mother Teresa International Airport is close to the city centre. It is straightforward to get via the Tirana-Durrës highway, which connects Albania's two largest cities. 

         Driving in Tirana

        We would strongly recommend hiring a 4×4 Vehicle. In this way, most potholes will not bother you too much, and any roads that go more off-road will still be manageable. There are potholes on many routes. With a car with wider tires, you will not even notice most of them. If you want to drive from Tirana to Durres or Vlorë, you do not need a 4x4, but if you want to go to Syri I Kaltër, to Përmet, or from Pogradec to the Macedonian border, a 4×4 is a perfect choice. Try to avoid white roads on your GPS. Yellow roads are excellent but white roads are bad. While yellow roads can be potholed, winding, and mountainous, white roads are usually little more than dirt. In Albania, they drive on the right side. UK/US driver's licences or international driver's licences are valid. However, if you stay in Albania for more than a year, you will need a full driving licence. You must be 18 years old to drive, and car rental companies usually require you to be over 25.

        Car Hire in Tirana

        Most popular car hire at Tirana

        The most selected hire car in Tirana is the Dacia Sandero and Hyundai i10. The most popular car types in Tirana are Mini and Economy. 

        Explore Tirana

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        At, you can find cheap car hire deals in Tirana. We work hard to find the best offers from all the major car rental companies and local rent-a-car companies to provide you with exclusive deals and the best prices on the car hire market. We do our best to provide a service that will make your car hire in Tirana stress-free.

        What to see in Tirana

        Tirana is known for its immense natural beauty and is the perfect gateway to Albania and the neighbouring countries of Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece. The rich assortment of ancient churches, monasteries, mosques, bridges and monuments offers today's visitors exceptional historical and cultural interest. Tirana was of strategic importance in many important European history periods, especially in ancient Rome and the Byzantine Empire, and hosted a number of conquerors, including the Ottomans and the Venetians, both of whom left indelible marks on the city.

        Why rent a car in Tirana

        Check if you want a cheap car rental in Tirana. Our team negotiates with all the major car rental companies to bring you exclusive deals and the lowest prices on a range of vehicles. We will always do our best to provide a service that will make your car rental in Tirana hassle-free. If you have any further questions about car rental at  Tirana, you can also contact Orbit Car Hire, where we offer 24/7 customer support. 

        Ccar Hire in Tirana

        Visit Tirana, Albania

        Where to eat, drink, and party in Tirana

        In Tirana, you will find many restaurants that offer various international dishes, so it is easy to keep the whole family happy during one visit. The Albanian capital is an excellent place to enjoy traditional Albanian food, but you will have no problems finding pizza, pasta, burgers and even sushi. 

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        What you need to know about renting a car

        What do I need to rent a car in Albania?

        A credit card in the main driver's name needs to be presented. A security deposit may be required while renting a car, so the credit card must have sufficient funds. You can find details about the security deposit listed while booking the vehicle and on your voucher. It is important to have a valid driving license with the name of the main driver and additional drivers when it applies. An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not identifiable as a Driving License, e.g., it is in a non-Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or Car Hire company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. You will need identification, such as a passport and ID card. When you pick up your rental car, you must have your voucher.

        How old do I need to be to rent a car in Albania?

        The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old, and with some suppliers for renters over 70 years of age, you must also have held a driving license for a minimum of 12 months. Young driver surcharges may apply to many Car Hire companies for renters between 18-20 years of age. This information is visible in the search engine with Orbit Car Hire.

        Do I need car insurance in Albania?

        Insurances are essential when renting a car and can be different between countries. When renting a car in Albania with Orbit Car Hire, the prices will include mandatory insurance.

        Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Albania?

        In most cases, a credit card must be presented in the main driver's name. A security deposit may be required when renting a car, so it is essential to have sufficient funds on the credit card. When searching for a vehicle at Orbit, you can see credit card requirements from all our suppliers.

        Do I need an international driving license in Albania?

        All National driving licences in Roman Alphabet will be accepted. A valid International Drivers Permit must accompany all other National driving licences in Roman Alphabet.

        How do I get the cheapest car hire in Albania?

        You can find cheap car hire by comparing prices with all major Car Hires at Orbit Car Hire. A good idea can be to book in advance as the costs can increase closer to the travel period. 

        What is the cheapest rental car in Albania?

        You will find the mini car category or economy cars to be the cheapest car categories. Vehicles such as Hyundai I10 and Ford Focus often come at the best prices. 

        What is the best Car Hire company in Albania?

        You may find excellent service provided by companies such as Alamo, Enterprise, Sicily By Car, Autounion and Surprice. 

        What types and makes of rental car deals can I find in Albania?

        You will find car types such as mini, economy, compact, Full-Size, and luxury cars. The Hyundai i10, Opel Corsa, Ford Focus, and Ford Fiesta are popular rental cars. 

        Does my rental car have unlimited mileage when I book it for Albania?

        Most Car Hires in Italy offer unlimited mileage in their offers. 

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