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        About Brasilia

        Brasília, the capital city in the heart of Brazil, is known for its futuristic architecture and thoughtful urban design. While the city is often associated with government institutions and iconic landmarks, Brasília has much more to offer than meets the eye. In this article, we will introduce you to the hidden gems and local experiences that await you in this unique Brazilian city.

        1. Eclectic cuisine:
        Brasília's culinary scene reflects Brazil's diverse culture. Beyond the touristy areas, discover local restaurants and food markets. Enjoy traditional dishes like "feijoada" (a hearty black bean stew with pork) or "pequi" (a regional fruit), which are popular with locals.

        2. Cultural Enclaves:
        Explore Brasília's neighborhoods to find cultural enclaves that offer a glimpse into the city's artistic side. Areas like Asa Norte and Asa Sul are home to galleries, theaters, and independent art spaces that showcase contemporary and traditional Brazilian art.

        3. Parks and Green Spaces:
        Brasília is not just a concrete jungle but also has plenty of greenery. The Parque da Cidade and the Botanical Gardens are the perfect places for a quiet getaway. Enjoy a leisurely picnic, rent a bike, or simply take a walk amidst the lush surroundings.

        4. Local Markets:
        To experience everyday life in Brasília, visit the local markets. Feira da Torre is a bustling market where you can shop for fresh produce and handicrafts and enjoy street food. It's a great place to strike up a conversation with the friendly locals.

        5. Sports and Recreation:
        Join the Brasília locals' love of sports. Many locals get together at the city's sports clubs for activities like soccer, volleyball, and even capoeira. This is a fantastic way to connect with the community and stay active during your stay.

        6. Cafes in the neighborhoods:
        Brasília's neighborhoods are littered with charming cafes serving Brazilian coffee and sweet treats. Take a moment to relax in one of these quaint establishments, sip a "cafézinho" (small coffee) and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

        7. Street art and murals:
        The city's modern architecture serves as a canvas for street artists. Explore the streets and discover colorful murals and urban art installations that add character to the cityscape.

        8. Nightlife off the beaten path:
        Brasília not only has popular nightlife spots but also hidden gems where locals can relax. Visit bars and clubs in lesser-known neighborhoods to get a taste of Brasília's vibrant nightlife.

        9. Community Events:
        Look for community events such as fairs, cultural festivals, and musical performances that often take place in different parts of the city. These events offer an authentic glimpse into local life and culture.

        Brasília, aside from its iconic government buildings, is a city full of life, culture, and unique experiences. By getting off the beaten path and immersing yourself in the lives of the locals, you will discover a side of Brasília that few visitors get to see. So if you decide to explore this remarkable Brazilian capital, don't forget to explore its hidden treasures and create memories that go beyond the usual tourist attractions.

        Basic info and car hire in Brasilia

        • Location: Brazil
        • Population: 4,291,577
        • Official language: Portuguese
        • Currency:  Brazilian real
        • Weather:  Brasilia has a humid subtropical climate
        • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafés offer Wi-Fi.
        • Road conditions:  Most roads in Brasilia are in good condition.
        • Car hire in Brasilia:  The most common pick-up point for vehicles in Brasilia is at the Brasilia Airport. Please note that prices vary frequently. Booking a car 3 to 8 weeks before your desired pick-up date is best - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. Find the best deal on car hire in Brasilia!

         Driving in Brasilia

        Brasília, the modern capital of Brazil, is known for its unique urban design and architectural marvels. Exploring this dynamic city with a car rental from Orbit Car Hire can be an exciting and convenient way to experience all that Brasília has to offer. Here is your guide to driving in Brasília that will guarantee you a hassle-free and memorable visit.

        1. Renting a car:
        Start your trip by renting a car from Orbit Car Hire. Choose from a range of vehicles to suit your needs, whether you're traveling alone, with family, or with friends.

        2. Road Network:
        Brasília has a well-planned road network that makes navigation relatively easy. The city's characteristic layout consists of wide avenues that make it easy for you to find your way around.

        3. Traffic rules:
        Familiarize yourself with Brazilian traffic rules, including speed limits and road signs. Remember that Brazilians drive on the right side of the road and that seat belts are mandatory for all occupants.

        4. Parking:
        Parking in Brasília is generally easy, and there are many metered parking lots available. In popular areas and near government buildings, it is advisable to arrive early to secure a space.

        5. Gas stations:
        Gas stations, known as "postos," are plentiful in Brasília. Most accept both cash and credit cards, so you can fill up conveniently.

        6. GPS or navigation apps:
        Use a reliable GPS device or a navigation app on your smartphone to find your way around the city. Make sure you have a data plan that covers international use or purchase a local SIM card for connectivity.

        7. Local driving habits:
        Compared to some other Brazilian cities, driving in Brasília is generally calm and orderly. However, it is important to be alert and follow local traffic rules.

        8. Roadside Assistance:
        Consider adding roadside assistance or insurance to your rental package with Orbit Car Hire. With this added coverage, you'll have peace of mind on your trip.

        9. Explore the Capital's Surroundings:
        Brasília's strategic location allows for easy access to nearby attractions like Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park and Pirenópolis. A rental car gives you the flexibility to take day trips to these beautiful destinations.

        With a car in Brasília, you can explore the city's landmarks, cultural attractions, and nearby natural wonders at your own pace. With Orbit Car Hire as your reliable partner, you can embark on a stress-free adventure through the capital of Brazil and experience its unique blend of modernity and tradition. So buckle up and get ready to create lasting memories as you navigate the fascinating streets of Brasília, Brazil.

        • Age limits: The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old and some suppliers are over 75 years of age. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age. This information is visible in the search engine with Orbit Car Hire.
        • International Driving Permit:  An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not clearly identifiable as a Driving License, eg, it is in a non-Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. You will need to have identification with you such as a passport and ID cards. When you pick up your rental car you need to have your voucher with you.
        • Additional papers:  A credit card in the name of the main driver needs to be presented. A security deposit may be required while renting a car so the credit card must have sufficient funds. You can find details about the security deposit listed while booking the vehicle as well as on your voucher. It is important to have a valid driving license with the name of the main driver as well as additional drivers when it applies. 
        • Additional requirements:  Using a seatbelt is mandatory for all vehicle occupants.
        • Children in the car:  Safety seats must be used for children aged 4-7. You could face a substantial penalty if you don't meet these regulations.
        • Driving side of the road: 
        • Drive on the right-hand side and overtake on the left.
        • Lights:  In Brazil, it is not uncommon to see cars driving without their headlights on at night
        • General speed limits: Residential/local streets: 30 km/h, Avenues: 60 km/h, Highways (urban areas): 80 km/h for cars and motorcycles, 60 km/h for buses and trucks, Highways (rural areas): 110 km/h for cars and motorcycles, 80 km/h for buses and trucks. 

        Car Hire in Brasilia

        Most popular car hire at Brasilia

        The most selected hire car in Brasilia is the Fiat 500, Renault Clio, or Opel Corsa. Renault Captur is also a popular option. The most popular car types in Brasilia are mini and economy. 

        Popular Driving Routes

        Popular One-Way car hire from Brasilia

        Want to rent a car for a one-way trip? No worries! Orbit Car Hire offers a variety of one-way Car Hire options in many locations outside of Brasilia. One-way car rental is ideal for cross-town or cross-country travel, saving time by not returning to your original location. Start your reservation with Orbit Car Hire and find great options on one-way car hire at locations across the Brazil.

        • Brasilia-Rio de Janeiro (1166km with approximately 16 hours of drive)
        • Brasilia-Santa Maria (2097km with approximately 28 hours of drive)
        • Brasilia-Sao Paulo (1006km with approximately 13 hours of drive)
        • Brasilia-Curitiba (1392m with approximately 17,5 hours of drive)

        Popular day trips from Brasilia

        Brasília, the modern capital of Brazil, is a city of innovation and iconic architecture. While there is much to discover in the city itself, the surrounding Goiás region offers a wealth of excursion options. With a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you can easily take unforgettable day trips from Brasília.

        1. Pirenópolis:
        Just a scenic drive from Brasília is Pirenópolis, a charming colonial town nestled in the Serra dos Pirineus mountains. Stroll the cobblestone streets, visit historic churches, and hike to picturesque waterfalls like Cachoeira do Abade.

        2. Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park:
        For nature lovers, Chapada dos Veadeiros is a paradise with waterfalls, canyons, and unique rock formations. The park offers numerous hiking trails, including the challenging hike to the breathtaking Santa Bárbara waterfall.

        3. Cidade de Goiás:
        Known as Goiás Velho ( UNESCO ), this World Heritage Site city offers well-preserved colonial architecture and a rich history. Explore the historic center, visit the impressive Sant'Ana Church, and enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine.

        4. Alto Paraíso de Goiás:
        Located near the Chapada dos Veadeiros, Alto Paraíso is a spiritual and cultural center known for its alternative lifestyle. Discover art galleries, crystal stores, and lively street markets. Don't miss the mystical Valley of the Moon with its moon-like landscape.

        5. Cachoeira do Rosário:
        Just a short drive from Brasília, Cachoeira do Rosário offers a tranquil haven in nature. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters below the waterfall and take in the beauty of the surrounding forest.

        6. Formosa:
        If you want to spend a day by the river, head to Formosa. The region is known for its pristine natural beauty and the opportunity to relax on the banks of the Rio Preto.

        7. Abadiânia:
        Abadiânia is famous for the Casa de Dom Inácio, a spiritual center where the renowned healer João Teixeira de Faria (João de Deus) once practiced. Explore the center, attend a session, and experience its unique spiritual energy.

        8. Lago do Descoberto:
        Just a short drive from Brasília is Lago do Descoberto, the largest man-made lake in the region. Enjoy a day of water sports, picnics, and hikes amidst the lush nature.

        With a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you have the freedom to explore these remarkable day trip destinations from Brasília at your own pace. Each destination offers a unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure that will make your visit to Brazil's capital even more enriching and memorable. So pack your bags, hit the road, and discover the hidden gems that await you beyond the city limits of Brasília.

        What to see in Brasilia

        Brasília, the visionary capital of Brazil, is a city like no other, with a futuristic design and architectural wonders. As you prepare to explore this modern metropolis with a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, here's a guide to the top attractions and activities that should be on your Brasília itinerary.

        1. The Square of the Three Powers (Praça dos Três Poderes):
        Start your trip in the heart of Brasília at the iconic Square of the Three Powers. Marvel at the modernist architecture of the National Congress, the Supreme Federal Court, and the Presidential Palace. The grandeur of these buildings is truly impressive.

        2. Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge (Ponte JK):
        Cross the stunning Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, a structural masterpiece that spans Lake Paranoá. Stop and admire the panoramic view of the city and the crystal clear waters below.

        3. Palácio da Alvorada:
        Visit the Palácio da Alvorada, the official residence of the President of Brazil. You can't enter the palace, but you can admire its impressive design and picturesque location on the shores of Lake Paranoá.

        4. Brasília TV Tower (Torre de TV):
        Climb the Brasília TV tower for a breathtaking view of the cityscape. The observation deck offers a unique perspective on the architectural harmony of Brasília.

        5. Brasília Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana):
        Enter the Metropolitan Cathedral, a fascinating house of worship with its intricate stained glass windows and towering columns. The design is an architectural feat in itself.

        6. National Museum (Museu Nacional):
        Explore the National Museum for a glimpse into Brazil's history, culture, and natural heritage. The museum's exhibits offer insights into the country's diverse traditions.

        7. Cultural Complex of the Republic (Complexo Cultural da República):
        Explore the Cultural Complex, which houses the National Library and the National Museum of the Republic. The surrounding gardens are ideal for a leisurely stroll.

        8. Brasília Nightlife:
        Experience Brasília's vibrant nightlife in the Asa Sul and Asa Norte neighborhoods. Enjoy live music, bars, and restaurants that come to life after dark.

        9. City Park (Parque da Cidade):
        Escape the urban hustle and bustle at City Park, a sprawling green space with walking trails, a lake, and picnic areas. Perfect for a relaxing day outdoors.

        10. Sunset at Lake Paranoá:
        End your day at leisure with a sunset boat ride on Lake Paranoá. This way you can admire the unique beauty of the city at your leisure.

        The futuristic charm and architectural splendor of Brasília promise an extraordinary experience. With a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you have the freedom to explore these attractions at your own pace. Thus, your visit to the Brazilian capital will be full of architectural masterpieces, cultural discoveries, and unforgettable memories. So, pack your bags, hit the road and be enchanted by the modern wonders of Brasília, Brazil.

        Drive your rental car beyond Brasilia

        If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience that combines the freedom of the open road with the breathtaking beauty of nature, Brazil is the place for you. This vast and diverse country offers a variety of road trip adventures waiting to be explored. With Orbit Car Hire as your trusted companion, you can embark on the trip of a lifetime. Find out why exploring Brazil by car is the ultimate adventure:

        1. Diverse Landscapes: Brazil is a country with remarkable geographical diversity, ranging from pristine beaches and lush rainforests to arid deserts and towering mountains. When you travel by car, you have the opportunity to see this kaleidoscope of landscapes before your eyes.

        2. Coastal Wonders: With nearly 7,500 kilometers (4,660 miles) of coastline, Brazil is a beach lover's paradise. Drive along Brazil's famous coastline, stopping at hidden coves, bustling beach towns, and some of the world's most famous sandy beaches, including Copacabana and Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

        3. Iconic Panoramic Roads: Brazil is home to some of the most scenic travel routes in the world. The Estrada Real, for example, passes through colonial towns and lush mountains, while the Transpantaneira Highway offers an unparalleled safari experience in the Pantanal wetlands.

        4. Culinary delights: Brazil's diverse culture is also reflected in its cuisine. On your trip, enjoy regional dishes such as feijoada, acarajé, and churrasco at restaurants and roadside markets. Each region has its culinary specialties waiting for you to discover.

        5. Cultural Encounters: Brazil's rich history and vibrant culture will be evident as you travel through its cities and towns. Visit historical sites, museums, and local festivals to immerse yourself in the country's diverse heritage.

        6. Welcome locals: Brazilians are known for their warmth and friendliness. As you explore the country by car, you will have the opportunity to converse with locals, share stories, and make new friends.

        7. National Parks and Natural Wonders: Brazil is home to an incredible number of national parks and natural wonders, including the Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls, and Chapada Diamantina. With a rental car from Orbit, you can easily reach these pristine areas and experience unforgettable outdoor adventures.

        8. Flexible Itineraries: One of the greatest benefits of a road trip in Brazil is the flexibility it offers. You can customize your itinerary, stay longer in places that intrigue you, and get off the beaten path to discover hidden gems.

        Before you set off on your Brazil road trip, plan your route, check out the road conditions, and make sure your vehicle is in good condition. With Orbit Car Hire you'll have access to a wide selection of reliable vehicles that will suit your needs.

        Exploring Brazil by car is an exciting adventure that promises a variety of landscapes, cultural experiences, and culinary delights. With Orbit Car Hire as your reliable partner, you can traverse this vast and beautiful country with ease. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime in the enchanting landscapes of Brazil. Your road trip adventure is waiting for you!


        Visit Brasilia

        Where to eat, drink, and party in Brasilia

        Brasília, the modern and vibrant capital of Brazil, is not only a center of politics and innovation but also a culinary delight waiting for you to discover. As you drive through the vibrant streets of the city in a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey through Brasília's diverse culinary scene.

        1. Feijoada and Brazilian Classics:
        Brasília's restaurants serve Brazilian classics with flair. Enjoy "feijoada," a hearty black bean stew with pork, "coxinha" (chicken croquettes), and "pão de queijo" (cheese bread) at local eateries.

        2. Gastronomic diversity:
        Brasília is a melting pot of cultures, and its culinary scene reflects this diversity. From Italian and Japanese to Middle Eastern and African cuisine, you will find a whole world of flavors in the city.

        3. Mercado Municipal:
        Visit the Mercado Municipal, a bustling marketplace where local vendors offer fresh produce, spices, artisanal cheeses, and regional specialties that are the essence of Brasília's food culture.

        4. Street Food Delicacies:
        Explore the street food stalls and food trucks scattered throughout the city. Try "tapioca" stuffed with sweet or savory fillings, "acarajé" (fried bean cakes), and grilled quéijo coalho" (cheese on a stick).

        5. Local ingredients:
        Brasília cuisine often uses regional ingredients such as "pequi" (a native fruit), "guariroba" (a palm heart), and "quiabo" (okra) in innovative and delicious ways.

        6. Churrascarias:
        Indulge in the Brazilian love of barbecue at one of Brasília's churrascarias, where succulent cuts of meat are grilled to perfection and served right at your table.

        With a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you can embark on a culinary adventure through Brasília, where every meal is a fusion of flavors and cultures. So work up an appetite and discover the diverse and delicious world of the Brasília culinary scene to make your visit to the Brazilian capital even more enjoyable and memorable.

        Best restaurant in Brasilia

        1. Dom Francisco
        2. Taypá Sabores del Peru
        3. Coco Bambu
        4. Madero Steakhouse
        5. Beirute
        6. Pobre Juan
        7. Bier Fass Lago
        8. Nikkei Sushi Ceviche Bar
        9. Oliver
        10. Baby Beef Rubaiyat

        My Booking

        What you need to know about renting a car

        How do you make a booking with Orbit Car Hire?

        You can easily book your vehicle with Orbit Car Hire. First, you must choose the date and location of your rental in our booking form. In the next step, you can pick the vehicle you want from the list. After filling out the personal information form, there is a step where you choose the payment method and fill in your credit card information. Finally, you can print out your voucher needed at pick-up time.

        What are the charges for security deposits?

        Every car rental has a security deposit policy. You will find the information about the security deposit while booking the vehicle or on your voucher. 

        What if I would like to change my booking?

        If you need to change the booking you made through Orbit Car Hire. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at or by phone at +44 20 8089 0089. You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Terms of Use. 

        How do I cancel my booking?

        You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Conditions of Use. Our customer service team will address your requests in due time:

        When do I pay for the rental car?

        You pay a small deposit when making the booking as a guarantee. The remaining balance is paid when you pick up your rental vehicle. Please keep in mind that the payment at the counter is paid in local currency. 

        What is included in the price?

        Most of the reservations made by Orbit Car Hire include unlimited mileage, local tax, mandatory fees, and collision damage waiver. In steps 1 and 2 in the booking process or on your voucher, you can see all the details about your booking inclusions.

        Are there any hidden fees?

        There are no hidden charges! All mandatory surcharges and fees are presented in the 3rd step of the booking process and our Terms and Conditions. Please note that additional charges may apply for some rentals in the case of:

        • Out-of-hours surcharge (when picking up the vehicle outside of office hours),
        • One-way fee (when returning the vehicle at a different location),
        • The service charge for fuel (prepaid fuel policy),
        • Young/senior driver fee (the car hire company sets this condition and is usually not about the regulation of the specific country),
        • Excess and deposit amount (before hiring, you need to ensure your credit card limit is high enough for the deposit amount to be blocked, which usually equals the excess amount or higher).

        We advise our clients to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before the rental to avoid surprises. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will gladly help you with any questions via phone, email, or live chat during our opening hours.

        What is a voucher, and why do I need it?

        A voucher is a document that confirms your booking, the price, and the payment of your booking. Having your voucher with you at the time of pick-up is mandatory. If you do not have the voucher at the pickup, the vehicle provider may refuse to release the vehicle to you or change the rental price.

        What is an airport or premium location fee?

        A Premium location/airport fee is a fee that covers the location service costs. This fee is usually included in the price but may still occur at some locations and is charged locally.

        What is Premium Coverage, and how does it work?

        Premium Coverage is an optional service by Orbit Car Hire that, if accepted, covers your financial accountability for damage or theft to the hired vehicle. This is not insured with a car hire company that reduces the excess amount, but a cover refunds you if the car hire company charges you for damage or theft. With this option, you will be reimbursed up to 3000 EUR. You can read the Terms and Conditions or contact us for more information.

        How do I find cheap car hire online?

        Prices vary frequently. Booking a car 3 to 8 weeks before your desired pick-up date is best - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. 

        How many countries do you compare to?

        We at Orbit Car Hire compare car hire prices in over 140 countries, including popular destinations within Europe such as Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, France, Slovenia, and Germany. 

        What currency should I use to pay for the car?

        You can pay the confirmation fee on Orbit's page in EUR, GBP, ISK and USD. When you pick up your car hire, you will pay the remaining balance in the currency of the pickup country. 

        Can I rent a car from inside the terminal?

        You can hire a car from inside the terminal. When you compare our offers, you can filter "In Terminal" to see all the offers we have that are inside the terminal. 

        What is the cheapest car to rent?

        The cheapest car to rent is the Fiat 500, Volkswagen Up and Fiat Panda. 

        Can I add a driver to my booking?

        You can always add a driver to your booking when finding your car hire deal on Orbit Car Hire. If you have already made a booking, you can contact us to add the additional driver. You can also add a driver to your booking when you pick up the vehicle. 

        What payment methods are accepted?

        You can pay with a debit and credit card when booking with Orbit Car Hire. We accept Mastercard and Visa. 

        Can I drop off my car at a different location?

        Yes, you can. When you look for car hire deals on our webpage, you can press "Yes" to "Different drop-off location" and see all the best deals for one-way car hire. 

        How can I add a flight number to my booking?

        You can add a flight number on our webpage when booking. If you already have a booking, email us at, and our customer service will add your flight number to the booking. 

        Do I have to pay for toll roads?

        If you drive where toll roads are required, you are responsible for paying for the toll roads on which you drive the rental vehicle. 

        What does deductible mean?

        If a rental car is damaged or even stolen while on rent, there will be a limit to how much the renter has to pay to repair or fix it. Excess (also known as deductible) is a name for the amount that has to be paid. This excess is different between countries and car rental companies in each country. Depending on the car rental company, this can include fire, vandalism, theft, or loss of use while the car is being repaired. You can read more about deductibles right here.

        What is a Collision Damage Waiver?

        Collision Damage Waiver, or CDW, is a basic car rental insurance offered to renters by a car company. CDW limits your financial liability in case of damages to the body of the hired vehicle with an excess. The driver is responsible for paying for the excess, but the car rental company waives the rest of the cost. This excess can be different between rent a car company.

        What is Theft Protection?

        Theft Protection is a car rental insurance that car rental companies offer. It protects the renter up to a certain amount from the risk of stealing the rental car or somebody trying to steal it. An excess, also known as a deductible, comes with each Theft Protection. This excess is the limit to what the renter would have to pay if the car is stolen or if somebody tries to steal it.

        Which brands can I compare with Orbit?

        With Orbit Car Hire, you can compare car hire with all the major car rentals like Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo, Sixt and Budget. You can also compare over 100 local companies from all over the world.