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        About Puebla

        Puebla, a city full of history and traditions, offers travelers a glimpse into the heart of Mexico. As you prepare to explore this enchanting destination with Orbit Car Hire, let's get to know the essence of Puebla beyond the tourist attractions and discover the authentic Mexican culture that makes it so captivating.

        Culinary Delights: Puebla's culinary scene is a true testament to its rich heritage. The city is known for its delicious cuisine and is the birthplace of some of Mexico's most famous dishes. Prepare your palate for a culinary adventure as you sample regional specialties such as Mole Poblano, Chiles en Nogada, and Cemitas. Don't miss the opportunity to try Puebla's famous street food, including tacos árabes, and molotes.

        Artisan Treasures: Puebla is a paradise for artisans, and the markets and workshops are full of handmade products. Discover ornate Talavera pottery, colorful textiles, and beautifully crafted religious icons in the bustling markets. These artisanal treasures offer a tangible connection to Mexico's artistic heritage.

        Religious Traditions: Puebla's deeply rooted religious traditions can be admired in its numerous churches and cathedrals. Aside from their architectural beauty, these places of worship serve as focal points for spiritual gatherings and celebrations. Participating in a religious procession or traditional fiesta is a unique way to immerse yourself in Puebla's culture.

        Language and Literature: Puebla has a rich literary history that has had a notable influence on Mexican literature. The city has produced famous authors and poets. Immerse yourself in the world of Mexican literature by visiting local bookstores, attending literary events, or exploring the city's libraries and cultural centers.

        Family Values: Puebla's culture places great emphasis on family values and community. You will often find generations of families living in close proximity and celebrating life's milestones together. Talk to locals to gain insight into their close-knit communities and the importance of family ties in Puebla.

        Traditional Clothing: Puebla is known for its distinctive traditional clothing, including the China Poblana dress for women and the Charro dress for men. These garments are not only worn on special occasions but are also a source of pride and a symbol of cultural identity.

        Music and Dance: The music and dance traditions of Puebla are a living expression of the city's culture. Mariachi bands, folkloric ballet, and live musical performances can be found throughout the city. Join in the festivities and experience the joy and rhythm of Puebla's music and dance scene.

        The authentic culture of Puebla is a tapestry woven from centuries of history and tradition. With Orbit Car Hire as your guide, you have the freedom to explore every corner of this fascinating city, make your own way, and create lasting memories of your trip through Puebla, Mexico.

        Basic info and car hire in Puebla

        • Location: Mexico
        • Population: 3,199,530
        • Official language: Spanish
        • Currency:  Mexican peso
        • Weather:  Puebla has a tropical climate
        • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafés offer Wi-Fi.
        • Road conditions:  Most roads in Puebla are in good condition.
        • Car hire in Puebla:  The most common pick-up point for vehicles in Puebla is at the Puebla Airport. Please note that prices vary frequently. It is best to book a car 3 to 8 weeks in advance of your desired pick-up date - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. Find the best deal on car hire in Puebla!

         Driving in Puebla

        Puebla, a city full of history and culture, invites you to explore its charming streets and hidden gems. To make the most of your visit and discover the authentic essence of Puebla with ease, a reliable means of transportation is essential. With Orbit Car Hire as your trusted travel companion, here is a brief guide to ensure your ride in Puebla is smooth and enjoyable.

        1. Road signs and signals: familiarize yourself with Mexican road signs and signals, which may be different from those you're used to. Knowing the local traffic rules will help you navigate Puebla's roads safely.

        2. Parking: Finding parking in the downtown area can be a bit tricky. Look for designated parking lots or garages to ensure a hassle-free experience. Some hotels also offer parking facilities.

        3. Traffic Patterns: Puebla, like many other cities, experiences traffic congestion during rush hours. Plan your trips to avoid rush hour traffic and use GPS navigation to find the fastest routes.

        4. Topes (speed bumps): Be on the lookout for "topes," which are speed bumps commonly found on Mexican roads. They can vary in size and intensity, so drive carefully to avoid damage to your vehicle.

        5. Gas Stations: Familiarize yourself with the locations of gas stations in Puebla, especially if you are planning day trips outside of the city. Orbit Car Hire will provide you with a full tank of gas so you can start exploring right away.

        6. Road Conditions: Puebla's main roads are generally well-maintained, but you may occasionally encounter potholes or speed bumps. Drive carefully to ensure a pleasant trip.

        7. Explore the city's surroundings: Puebla's surroundings are as fascinating as the city itself. With your rental car, you can easily take day trips to nearby attractions such as Cholula, Atlixco, or the picturesque volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.

        With the comfort of a vehicle from Orbit Car Hire, you'll have the freedom to explore Puebla and its surroundings at your own pace, making the most of your visit. Enjoy your trip and discover the cultural treasures, historic streets, and culinary delights that Puebla has to offer.

        • Age limits: The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old with some suppliers for people over 75 years of age. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age. This information is visible in the search engine with Orbit Car Hire. 
        • International Driving Permit: An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not clearly identifiable as a Driving License, eg, it is in a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. You will need to have identification with you such as a passport and ID cards. When you pick up your rental car you need to have your voucher with you. 
        • Additional papers: A credit card in the name of the main driver needs to be presented. A security deposit may be required while renting a car so the credit card must have sufficient funds. You can find details about the security deposit listed while booking the vehicle as well as on your voucher. It is important to have a valid driving license with the name of the main driver as well as additional drivers when it applies.  
        • Additional requirements:  Using a seatbelt is mandatory for all occupants of a vehicle.
        • Children in the car: Children up to 12 years old or 1.45 meters (57″) are required to ride in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat.
        • Driving side of the road: In Mexico, they drive on the right-hand side of the road and overtake on the left.
        • General speed limits: Urban areas: 40km/h, Open roads: 80km/h, Motorways: 100-110 km/h

        Car Hire in Puebla

        Most popular car hire at Puebla

        The most selected hire car in Puebla is the Fiat 500, Renault Clio, or Opel Corsa. Renault Captur is also a popular option. The most popular car types in Puebla are mini and economy. 

        Popular Driving Routes

        Popular One-Way car hire from Puebla

        Want to rent a car for a one-way trip? No worries! Orbit Car Hire offers a variety of one-way Car Hire options in many locations outside of Puebla. One-way car rental is ideal for cross-town or cross-country travel, saving time by not returning to your original location. Start your reservation with Orbit Car Hire and find great options on one-way car hire at locations across the Mexico.

        • Puebla-Tulum (1426km with approximately 18,5 hours of drive)
        • Puebla-Coba (1410km with approximately 18 hours of drive)
        • Puebla-El Cuyo (1456km with approximately 19 hours of drive)
        • Puebla-Cancun (1496km with approximately 19 hours of drive)

        Popular day trips from Puebla

        Puebla, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is an excellent base for exploring the diverse landscapes and attractions that surround the city. With Orbit Car Hire at your service, here are some of the best day trip destinations you can consider from Puebla:

        1. Cholula:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 9 kilometers (5.5 miles)

        A short drive from Puebla will take you to Cholula, known for its impressive Tlachihualtepetl pyramid. Explore the ancient tunnels inside the pyramid, visit the lively San Pedro Cholula Church, and stroll through the charming downtown area.

        2. Atlixco:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 29 kilometers (18 miles)

        Atlixco, often referred to as the "City of Flowers," is known for its colorful flower market and picturesque gardens. Explore Parque Recreativo El Cristo, stroll through the historic center of town, and enjoy delicious local cuisine.

        3. Cuetzalan del Progreso:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 138 kilometers (86 miles)

        Cuetzalan del Progreso, nestled in the Sierra Norte mountains, is a charming town known for its coffee plantations, waterfalls and vibrant indigenous culture. Explore the coffee plantations, visit the waterfalls, and immerse yourself in local traditions.

        4. Tehuacán:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 108 kilometers (67 miles)

        Tehuacán is famous for its unique biodiversity and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve, visit the Museum of Natural History and discover the city's rich cultural heritage.

        5. Izúcar de Matamoros:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 76 kilometers (47 miles)

        Izúcar de Matamoros is known for its exquisite hand-painted pottery, known as talavera. Visit the workshops and studios to see the intricate craftsmanship. Don't forget to explore the town's historic center and sample the traditional sweets.

        6. Africam Safari:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 19 kilometers (12 miles)

        If you are looking for a unique nature experience, you should visit Africam Safari, a drive-through safari park where you can see a variety of animals in a natural environment. It is a perfect family-friendly day trip from Puebla.

        7. Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl National Park:
        Distance from Puebla: Approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles)

        Nature lovers can take a day trip to Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes. Hike the trails, enjoy the scenic beauty and breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks.

        With your rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you have the flexibility to choose your ideal day trip destination from Puebla. Each of these nearby towns offers its own charm and attractions, making them perfect for exploring the diverse beauty of Central Mexico. Start your adventure today and create lasting memories beyond the city limits of Puebla.

        What to see in Puebla

        Puebla, a vibrant city in the heart of Mexico, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and culinary delights. Get ready to explore Puebla with Orbit Car Hire. Let's explore some of the attractions and experiences that make this city a cultural gem.

        1. Historic Downtown: Begin your Puebla adventure in the historic downtown area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning colonial architecture. Stroll the picturesque streets lined with colorful facades, ornate churches, and charming plazas. Don't forget to admire the famous Puebla Cathedral and the majestic Rosary Chapel.

        2. Talavera Pottery: Puebla is known for its exquisite talavera pottery. Visit the Talavera de la Reyna factory or the Talavera workshop of Uriarte to see the meticulous craftsmanship behind these beautiful hand-painted ceramics. You can also purchase unique souvenirs to take home.

        3. Street Food Delicacies: Puebla is a foodie's paradise. Explore the local markets and streets to sample authentic Mexican street food. Try the famous chiles en nogada, mole poblano, cemitas (sandwiches) and tacos árabes. The city's culinary scene is a feast for the senses.

        4. The Libraries of Puebla: Immerse yourself in Mexico's literary heritage by visiting Puebla's historic libraries. Founded in 1646, the Biblioteca Palafoxiana is one of the oldest libraries in the world and is one of the UNESCO Memory of the World Sites. It houses a remarkable collection of rare books and manuscripts.

        5. The Cinemas of Puebla: If you are a movie lover, go to a screening at Puebla's historic cinemas, such as the Cine Diana and the Cinepólis, to experience Mexican and international cinema in a unique setting.

        6. Local Markets: Explore bustling markets, such as Mercado de Sabores and Mercado El Carmen, to discover a variety of local products, from spices and textiles to handicrafts and fresh produce. These markets offer a glimpse into the daily lives of Puebla's residents.

        7. Music and Dance: Puebla's rich cultural heritage is celebrated through music and dance. Attend a traditional mariachi performance or a folkloric ballet to experience the rhythms and melodies of Mexico.

        8. Street Art and Murals: The streets of Puebla are adorned with vibrant street art and murals that tell stories about the city's history and culture. Take a leisurely stroll to discover these hidden urban gems.

        With its diverse cultural offerings, Puebla invites you to immerse yourself in its rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere. With Orbit Car Hire as your guide, you can navigate the vibrant city streets and create lasting memories as you explore the cultural wonders of Puebla, Mexico.

        Drive your rental car beyond Puebla

        Mexico, a country with diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, is a dream destination for road trippers. With a rental car from Orbit Car Hire, you can embark on an unforgettable journey through this captivating country. In this article, we provide you with a guide to exploring Mexico by car. We show you the best routes, and must-visit destinations and give you essential tips for an unforgettable road trip.

        The advantages of a road trip to Mexico

        Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of traveling by car in Mexico is the flexibility it offers. You can set your own schedule, make side trips to hidden gems, and adjust your itinerary as you see fit.

        Scenic drives: Mexico has some of the most scenic roads in the world. From coastal roads with stunning ocean views to mountain roads leading to charming colonial towns, the landscapes are varied and breathtaking.

        Cultural immersion: With a car, you can immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting small villages and towns that are often inaccessible by other means of transport.

        Convenience: Having your own vehicle makes it easier to transport luggage, food, and essential travel items. It also allows you to explore sights off the beaten track without relying on tour operators.

        The best destinations for a road trip in Mexico

        Yucatan Peninsula: Start your trip to Cancun, where you can pick up your rental car from Orbit Car Hire. From there, explore the Yucatan Peninsula and visit Tulum, Chichen Itza, and the charming colonial city of Merida. Don't forget to swim in the cenotes and sample the local Yucatecan cuisine.

        Baja California Peninsula: Drive through the Baja Peninsula and experience the laid-back atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. Explore the surreal landscapes of Baja's deserts and mountains.

        Pacific Coast: Travel south along the Pacific Coast from Puerto Vallarta and visit picturesque towns like Sayulita, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo. Surf, sunbathe, and enjoy fresh seafood along the way.

        Colonial heartland: Explore Mexico's colonial history in a drive-through town like Guadalajara, Guanajuato, and San Miguel de Allende. Marvel at the well-preserved architecture and indulge in the local art and cuisine.

        Chiapas and Oaxaca: Discover Mexico's southern charm by visiting the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. Explore the ancient ruins of Palenque, hike through lush rainforests, and sample authentic Oaxacan dishes.

        Tips for a successful road trip in Mexico

        Choose the right rental car: Choose a reliable car rental company like Orbit Car Hire. Make sure the vehicle is well maintained and has all the necessary paperwork and insurance.

        Know the rules of the road: Familiarise yourself with Mexican traffic rules, road signs, and speed limits. Remember that Mexico uses the metric system and distances are given in kilometers.

        Keep up to date: Find out about travel advisories and road conditions before you travel. Keep up to date with local news and pay attention to safety guidelines in the different regions.

        Plan your route: Plan your route in advance, but be open to spontaneous detours. Use GPS or navigation apps and have a physical map with you as a backup.

        Safety precautions: Keep your doors locked while driving and avoid driving at night, especially in remote areas. Keep important documents such as your passport and driving license in a safe place.

        Cash and fuel: Take cash for tolls as not all motorways accept credit cards. Refuel when you have the chance, as petrol stations can be few and far between in remote areas.

        Accommodation: Book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak travel periods, to secure your stay.

        Exploring Mexico by car is an exciting adventure that allows you to discover the diverse beauty and cultural richness of the country. With a reliable car hire from Orbit Car Hire, you can experience the freedom and flexibility of the open road as you discover the magic of Mexico's landscapes, cities, and traditions. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and let yourself be enchanted by the magical journey through Mexico. Your unforgettable road trip awaits you!


        Visit Puebla

        Where to eat, drink, and party in Puebla

        Puebla, known as the gastronomic capital of Mexico, is a city where culinary traditions come alive in a symphony of tastes and aromas. As you explore Puebla with Orbit Car Hire, prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey through Mexican cuisine.

        Mole Poblano: Puebla's most famous culinary creation is Mole Poblano, a complex sauce made with chocolate, chili peppers, and spices. It is often served over chicken or turkey and results in a harmonious blend of sweet and savory.

        Chiles en Nogada: This iconic dish is a visual and culinary masterpiece. Poblano peppers are stuffed with a mixture of ground meat and fruit, topped with walnut sauce, and garnished with pomegranate seeds. It's a celebration of Mexico's national colors.

        Cemitas: Cemitas are a popular street food in Puebla. These savory sandwiches consist of sesame seed buns filled with breaded meats, Oaxaca cheese, and an array of toppings such as avocado, chipotle sauce, and papalo leaves.

        Talavera Pottery: The presentation of Puebla cuisine is as exquisite as its flavor. Meals are often served on beautiful, hand-painted Talavera pottery, adding an artistic touch to your dining experience.

        Street food stands: The streets of Puebla are lined with food stands offering a variety of delicacies. Be sure to try the tacos árabes (spiced meat in flatbread), tlacoyos (stuffed corn patties), and fresh chalupas.

        Mexican Sweets: Puebla is also known for its sweet delicacies. Try candied fruits, dulces de leche, and sweet potato candies at local markets and candy stores.

        With its diverse culinary offerings, Puebla invites you on a culinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Mexican cuisine. With Orbit Car Hire, you can explore the city's culinary scene and enjoy the authentic flavors of Puebla to create unforgettable memories of your visit.

        Best restaurant in Puebla

        1. El Mural de los Poblanos: Known for its elegant ambiance and dedication to traditional Pueblan cuisine, this restaurant offers dishes like mole poblano and chiles en nogada prepared with precision and artistry.

        2. Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía: Located in a charming boutique hotel, this restaurant serves authentic Mexican cuisine in a colonial-style courtyard. Try their mole dishes and explore their extensive mezcal collection.

        3. Fonda de Santa Clara: A cozy and traditional eatery, Fonda de Santa Clara offers regional dishes like cemitas and mole. The restaurant's friendly atmosphere makes it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

        4. La Noria: La Noria is celebrated for its innovative Mexican cuisine and use of locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy dishes that combine traditional flavors with modern techniques.

        5. Casa Reyna: Housed in a beautifully restored colonial building, Casa Reyna offers a mix of Mexican and international dishes. Their rooftop terrace provides stunning views of the city.

        6. La Zanahoria: A vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant, La Zanahoria offers fresh and healthy options. Their creative menu includes dishes like vegetarian tacos and fresh fruit juices.

        7. La Casita Poblana: This charming restaurant is known for its homey atmosphere and traditional Pueblan dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to try their mole and chalupas.

        8. El Sueño del General: Located in a historic mansion, this restaurant offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on Mexican cuisine. Their tasting menus showcase the culinary diversity of Mexico.

        9. El Parrillaje: If you're a fan of grilled meats, El Parrillaje is the place to go. Enjoy a variety of steaks and other grilled specialties in a casual setting.

        10. Talavera Cuarzo: This contemporary restaurant offers a fusion of Mexican and international flavors. The dishes are not only delicious but beautifully presented on Talavera pottery.


        What you need to know about renting a car

        How do you make a booking with Orbit Car Hire?

        You can easily book your vehicle with Orbit Car Hire. First, you must choose the date and location of your rental in our booking form. In the next step, you can pick the vehicle you want from the list. After filling out the personal information form, there is a step where you choose the payment method and fill in your credit card information. Finally, you can print out your voucher needed at pick-up time.

        What are the charges for security deposits?

        Every car rental has a security deposit policy. You will find the information about the security deposit while booking the vehicle or on your voucher. 

        What if I would like to change my booking?

        If you need to change the booking you made through Orbit Car Hire. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at or by phone at +44 20 8089 0089. You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Terms of Use. 

        How do I cancel my booking?

        You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Conditions of Use. Our customer service team will address your requests in due time:

        When do I pay for the rental car?

        You pay a small deposit when making the booking as a guarantee. The remaining balance is paid when you pick up your rental vehicle. Please keep in mind that the payment at the counter is paid in local currency. 

        What is included in the price?

        Most of the reservations made by Orbit Car Hire include unlimited mileage, local tax, mandatory fees, and collision damage waiver. In steps 1 and 2 in the booking process or on your voucher, you can see all the details about your booking inclusions.

        Are there any hidden fees?

        There are no hidden charges! All mandatory surcharges and fees are presented in the 3rd step of the booking process and our Terms and Conditions. Please note that additional charges may apply for some rentals in the case of:

        • Out-of-hours surcharge (when picking up the vehicle outside of office hours),
        • One-way fee (when returning the vehicle at a different location),
        • The service charge for fuel (prepaid fuel policy),
        • Young/senior driver fee (the car hire company sets this condition and is usually not about the regulation of the specific country),
        • Excess and deposit amount (before hiring, you need to ensure your credit card limit is high enough for the deposit amount to be blocked, which usually equals the excess amount or higher).

        We advise our clients to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before the rental to avoid surprises. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will gladly help you with any questions via phone, email, or live chat during our opening hours.

        What is a voucher, and why do I need it?

        A voucher is a document that confirms your booking, the price, and the payment of your booking. Having your voucher with you at the time of pick-up is mandatory. If you do not have the voucher at the pickup, the vehicle provider may refuse to release the vehicle to you or change the rental price.

        What is an airport or premium location fee?

        A Premium location/airport fee is a fee that covers the location service costs. This fee is usually included in the price but may still occur at some locations and is charged locally.

        What is Premium Coverage, and how does it work?

        Premium Coverage is an optional service by Orbit Car Hire that, if accepted, covers your financial accountability for damage or theft to the hired vehicle. This is not insured with a car hire company that reduces the excess amount, but a cover refunds you if the car hire company charges you for damage or theft. With this option, you will be reimbursed up to 3000 EUR. You can read the Terms and Conditions or contact us for more information.

        How do I find cheap car hire online?

        Prices vary frequently. Booking a car 3 to 8 weeks before your desired pick-up date is best - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. 

        How many countries do you compare to?

        We at Orbit Car Hire compare car hire prices in over 140 countries, including popular destinations within Europe such as Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, France, Slovenia, and Germany. 

        What currency should I use to pay for the car?

        You can pay the confirmation fee on Orbit's page in EUR, GBP, ISK and USD. When you pick up your car hire, you will pay the remaining balance in the currency of the pickup country. 

        Can I rent a car from inside the terminal?

        You can hire a car from inside the terminal. When you compare our offers, you can filter "In Terminal" to see all the offers we have that are inside the terminal. 

        What is the cheapest car to rent?

        The cheapest car to rent is the Fiat 500, Volkswagen Up and Fiat Panda. 

        Can I add a driver to my booking?

        You can always add a driver to your booking when finding your car hire deal on Orbit Car Hire. If you have already made a booking, you can contact us to add the additional driver. You can also add a driver to your booking when you pick up the vehicle. 

        What payment methods are accepted?

        You can pay with a debit and credit card when booking with Orbit Car Hire. We accept Mastercard and Visa. 

        Can I drop off my car at a different location?

        Yes, you can. When you look for car hire deals on our webpage, you can press "Yes" to "Different drop-off location" and see all the best deals for one-way car hire. 

        How can I add a flight number to my booking?

        You can add a flight number on our webpage when booking. If you already have a booking, email us at, and our customer service will add your flight number to the booking. 

        Do I have to pay for toll roads?

        If you drive where toll roads are required, you are responsible for paying for the toll roads on which you drive the rental vehicle. 

        What does deductible mean?

        If a rental car is damaged or even stolen while on rent, there will be a limit to how much the renter has to pay to repair or fix it. Excess (also known as deductible) is a name for the amount that has to be paid. This excess is different between countries and car rental companies in each country. Depending on the car rental company, this can include fire, vandalism, theft, or loss of use while the car is being repaired. You can read more about deductibles right here.

        What is a Collision Damage Waiver?

        Collision Damage Waiver, or CDW, is a basic car rental insurance offered to renters by a car company. CDW limits your financial liability in case of damages to the body of the hired vehicle with an excess. The driver is responsible for paying for the excess, but the car rental company waives the rest of the cost. This excess can be different between rent a car company.

        What is Theft Protection?

        Theft Protection is a car rental insurance that car rental companies offer. It protects the renter up to a certain amount from the risk of stealing the rental car or somebody trying to steal it. An excess, also known as a deductible, comes with each Theft Protection. This excess is the limit to what the renter would have to pay if the car is stolen or if somebody tries to steal it.

        Which brands can I compare with Orbit?

        With Orbit Car Hire, you can compare car hire with all the major car rentals like Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo, Sixt and Budget. You can also compare over 100 local companies from all over the world. 

        Find The Best Car Hire Companies In Puebla

        • Green Motion Car Rental

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