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        About Gdansk

        Gdansk is a city in Poland, more precisely on the Baltic coast in the northern part of the country. Gdansk belongs to the Pomeranian Voivodeship and is also the capital and the largest city of this voivodeship. It is also the most important seaport in Poland and the fourth-largest metropolis in the country. Gdansk has had a long and turbulent past with many different nations dominating this area throughout history. The name Gdansk was first mentioned in the 10th century. The city was founded at the mouth of the Motława River. Today it is a modern and fast-growing city and together with the city of Gdynia and the spa town of Sopot, it forms a metropolitan region called the Tricity.

        If you are taking a road trip through Poland, be sure to put Gdansk on your list of cities to stop in and spend a few days. there is always something going on in Gdansk. This lively city also has a renowned university with great tradition, which also makes Gdansk a popular destination for students. So if you are looking for a place where you can party all night long, you will definitely find it in Gdansk. In addition, Gdansk also has many different cultural, historical, and religious attractions that are worth visiting. In addition, there are also some famous restaurants in this city that you should definitely visit when you stroll through the streets of Gdansk.

        Gdansk is one of the most popular cities in Poland among tourists and travelers from all over the world. The city is really attractive and offers something for everyone. In addition, many cultural events take place throughout the year, so you should really take your time to come to Gdansk and experience the spirit of this interesting and beautiful Polish city.

        Basic info and car hire in Gdansk

        • Location: Northern Poland 
        • Population: 470,621
        • Official language: Polish 
        • Currency: Zloty
        • Weather: Gdańsk has a climate with both oceanic and continental influences
        • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafes offer Wi-Fi.
        • Road conditions:  Road conditions in Gdansk are generally good. There will be some potholes, but it has been improving in recent years. 
        • Car hire in Gdansk:  Car hire in Gdansk is a great idea to explore all of what Poland has to offer. The most common pick-up location is at Gdansk Airport. There are many different car rental companies available and they all offer competitive prices, all the way down to 10 EUR per day. so it's best to book a car three or eight weeks ahead of time - this will ensure you get an affordable rate! Alternatively, if your travel plans change last minute there are plenty around who can help out as well; just look no further than us here at Orbit Car Hire.

         Driving in Gdansk

        Renting a car here in Poland is the best option if you want to explore the country properly. The roads are in good condition and the cities are well connected. There are three main routes into the Tricity: the E28 from the west via Gdynia; the E77 from the southeast, which enters the city via Gdańsk; and the A1 highway from the south. If you are planning your visit to Gdansk, be prepared for some traffic jams, which are quite frequent, especially in high season. So if you want to explore Gdansk city center, it is best to park your car in one of the many parking lots (parking is not free, so always check prices and payment methods before parking your car), and then explore the city center on foot or combine walking with using public transportation.

        When you are done exploring the city center, you can get back in your car and explore the surrounding areas at your own pace and preferences. All you should do is obey the traffic rules and follow the signaling, which is generally clear and visible. Fasten your seat belt and drive safely!

        • Age limits: The minimum age to drive a car in Poland is 18 years old. The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old and with some suppliers for people over 75 years of age, you must also have held a driving license for a minimum of 12 months. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age. This information is visible in the search engine with Orbit Car Hire.
        • International Driving Permit: An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not clearly identifiable as a Driving License, eg, it is in a non-Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. 
        • Additional papers: A credit card in the name of the main driver needs to be presented. A security deposit may be required while renting a car so the credit card must have sufficient funds. You can find details about the security deposit listed while booking the vehicle as well as on your voucher. It is important to have a valid driving license with the name of the main driver as well as additional drivers when it applies. An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not clearly identifiable as a Driving License, eg, it is in a non-Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. You will need to have identification with you such as a passport and ID cards. When you pick up your rental car you need to have your voucher with you.  
        • Additional requirements: Warning triangle (compulsory in every vehicle with four wheels or more), headlamp beam deflectors (depending on your car, you will either need deflector stickers or have to adjust the beam manually), crash helmet for motorcyclists or moped riders and their passengers (a child up to the age of seven may ride a motorcycle or moped as a passenger without a helmet if the speed does not exceed 40km/h), reflective jacket (although not mandatory to carry, you could be fined for walking on the side of a road outside a built-up area at night or in reduced visibility if not wearing one), fire extinguisher.  
        • Children in the car: Children under the age of 12 and less than 150cm in height must be restrained by a seat belt adapted to their size or seated in a special seat. If the car is equipped with airbags at the front, it is prohibited to place a child in a rear-facing seat on the front passenger seat 
        • Driving side of the road: Right hand
        • Lights: You must turn your lights on any time you can't see at least 1000 feet ahead. Use your low-beam headlights whenever it is raining.
        • General speed limits: The national speed limit on motorways in Poland, unless otherwise indicated on local signage, is 140km/h (87mph). On a main road outside a built-up area, it's 90 km/h to 120km/h (according to local signs). For built-up areas, it’s 50km/h (between the hours of 05:00 and 23:00) or 60km/h (between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00).

        Car Hire in Gdansk

        Most popular car hire at Gdansk

        The most selected hire car in Gdansk is the Fiat 500, Renault Clio, or Opel Corsa. Renault Captur is also being a popular option. The most popular car types in Gdansk are mini and economy. 

        Popular Driving Routes

        Popular One-Way car hire from Gdansk

        Want to rent a car for a one-way trip? No worries! Orbit Car Hire offers a variety of one-way Car Hire options in many locations outside of Gdansk. One-way car rental is ideal for cross-town or cross-country travel, saving time by not returning to your original location. Start your reservation with Orbit Car Hire and find great options on one-way car hire at locations across the Poland.

        • Gdansk-Krakow (596km with approximately 6 hours of drive)

        • Gdansk-Warshaw (343km with approximately 4 hours of drive)

        • Gdansk-Lodž (340km with approximately 3,5  hours of drive)

        • Gdansk-Poznan (310km with approximately 3 hours of drive)

        What to see in Gdansk

        Gdansk is the largest port in Poland and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. There are so many different things to see and do here that Gdansk has become one of the most visited destinations in this part of Europe. In addition to the many different cultural, historical, and religious attractions that you should visit here, there are also many high-profile cultural events that take place throughout the year. So, Gdansk really has a lot to offer and any kind of tourist or traveler can find something for themselves in this charming, interesting, and lively city.

        When you visit Gdansk, be sure to walk along the Trakt Królewski (Royal Way). This is the horizontal path between two city gates, starting in the west at the Upper Gate and ending at the Green Gate. While walking along the Royal Way, you will be able to admire many wonderful attractions and monuments. You will also find some very nice and charming places where you can sit down and have a coffee, a beer, a wine, or whatever you prefer, drink or eat - it's up to you what kind of activities you are looking for.

        Another attraction you should definitely visit in Gdansk is St. Mary's Church. This Gothic architectural masterpiece was built in the 14th century and is one of the three largest brick churches in the world. You can admire the wonderful interior or just look at the stunning church from the outside. If you are in good shape, you can climb more than 400 steps and enjoy the view of Gdansk from the main tower.

        Other places to visit and things to do in Gdansk: Neptune's Fountain, Golden House, Main Town Hall, Ulica Mariacka (St Mary's Street), Gdańsk Crane, Dlugie Pobrzeze (Long Embankment), Museum of the Second World War, Westerplatte,, Golden Gate, Oliwa Cathedral, European Solidarity Centre, Amber Museum, Jelitkowo Beach,...

        • The old town of Gdansk

          Explore Poland 

          Drive your rental car beyond Gdansk

          The Republic of Poland is a country in Central Europe. Poland is divided into 16 administrative provinces, the voivodeships, and is the fifth most populous country in the European Union with 37.7 million inhabitants. There are several major cities in the country, the largest being: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Szczecin. Poland covers a large area stretching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Sudetes and the Carpathian Mountains in the south. The country borders Lithuania and Russia to the northeast, Belarus and Ukraine to the east, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Germany to the west. It also shares maritime borders with Denmark and Sweden. Poland is a member of the European Union, including the Schengen area. It is also a founding member of the United Nations, as well as a member of the World Trade Organization and NATO. Poland has a temperate transitional climate, and in addition to many impressive cities, there are also many breathtaking natural sights that you should definitely visit if you are planning a road trip through Poland. This country has beautiful nature and also offers many outdoor activities that you can do all year round, from rafting on the rivers (the longest Polish river is the Vistula), climbing, hiking (Poland's highest mountain is Mount Rysy), cycling, mountain biking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, etc. Moreover, this is a country with a long and rich past and also with a very strong tradition, so you can visit many different historical, cultural, and religious sights that will give you a different view of this interesting and beautiful country. The country has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 of which are cultural. There are numerous museums that will give you the opportunity to learn more about the history of Poland. The first evidence of people living on this soil dates back to 10000 BC. The country experienced several ups and downs in the past, and there were also many different civilizations that passed through and dominated this area in the past. Today's modern Poland was established in 1989.

          When traveling through Poland, you will have the opportunity to meet very hospitable locals, enjoy delicious Polish cuisine, discover wonderful nature, vibrant cities, many cultural events, sporting events, and much more throughout the year. The roads are generally in good condition, so you will really enjoy driving. If we add the great landscapes you can experience on the roads of Poland, this is really a perfect country for a good road trip. There is something for every kind of tourist and traveler, it's up to you what kind of vacation you prefer, but you can be sure that you will not be bored in Poland. Besides many attractions, you can also experience very lively nightlife in Polish cities.

          These are some of the most popular places to visit in Poland: Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Cracow, Szczecin, Poznan, Torun, Malbork, Rzeszów, Lodz, Zakopane, Mikolajki, Swinoujscie.

        • Gdansk, Poland

          Enjoy the culture in Gdansk

          Where to eat, drink, and party in Gdansk

          Polish cuisine is known as simple and delicious. The main ingredients are meat and vegetables and there are many stews and soups on the traditional Polish menu. In Gdansk, you can find several restaurants where you can order traditional Polish food, but also restaurants where you can enjoy modern Polish cuisine or order menus from all over the world.



          Klub Parlament

          The Bunkier Klubogaleria

          Irish Pub

          Browar Lubrow-Barbados Club

          Autsajder Klub Studencki



          Winne Grono

          Billy's American Restaurants Wyspa Spichrzow

          Canis Restaurant

          Manna 68 - restauracja weganska

          Whiskey in the Jar

          Literacka Restaurant & Wine Bar

        My Booking

        What you need to know about renting a car

        How do you make a booking with Orbit Car Hire?

        You can easily book your vehicle with Orbit Car Hire. First, you must choose the date and location of your rental in our booking form. In the next step, you can pick the vehicle you want from the list. After filling out the personal information form, there is a step where you choose the payment method and fill in your credit card information. Finally, you can print out your voucher needed at pick-up time.

        What are the charges for security deposits?

        Every car rental has a security deposit policy. You will find the information about the security deposit while booking the vehicle or on your voucher. 

        What if I would like to change my booking?

        If you need to change the booking you made through Orbit Car Hire. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team at or by phone at +44 20 8089 0089. You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Terms of Use. 

        How do I cancel my booking?

        You can cancel your booking free of charge at least forty-eight hours before your rental is due to start. For further information, please read the Conditions of Use. Our customer service team will address your requests in due time:

        When do I pay for the rental car?

        You pay a small deposit when making the booking as a guarantee. The remaining balance is paid when you pick up your rental vehicle. Please keep in mind that the payment at the counter is paid in local currency. 

        What is included in the price?

        Most of the reservations made by Orbit Car Hire include unlimited mileage, local tax, mandatory fees, and collision damage waiver. In steps 1 and 2 in the booking process or on your voucher, you can see all the details about your booking inclusions.

        Are there any hidden fees?

        There are no hidden charges! All mandatory surcharges and fees are presented in the 3rd step of the booking process and our Terms and Conditions. Please note that additional charges may apply for some rentals in the case of:

        • Out-of-hours surcharge (when picking up the vehicle outside of office hours),
        • One-way fee (when returning the vehicle at a different location),
        • The service charge for fuel (prepaid fuel policy),
        • Young/senior driver fee (the car hire company sets this condition and is usually not about the regulation of the specific country),
        • Excess and deposit amount (before hiring, you need to ensure your credit card limit is high enough for the deposit amount to be blocked, which usually equals the excess amount or higher).

        We advise our clients to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before the rental to avoid surprises. Our knowledgeable customer service agents will gladly help you with any questions via phone, email, or live chat during our opening hours.

        What is a voucher, and why do I need it?

        A voucher is a document that confirms your booking, the price, and the payment of your booking. Having your voucher with you at the time of pick-up is mandatory. If you do not have the voucher at the pickup, the vehicle provider may refuse to release the vehicle to you or change the rental price.

        What is an airport or premium location fee?

        A Premium location/airport fee is a fee that covers the location service costs. This fee is usually included in the price but may still occur at some locations and is charged locally.

        What is Premium Coverage, and how does it work?

        Premium Coverage is an optional service by Orbit Car Hire that, if accepted, covers your financial accountability for damage or theft to the hired vehicle. This is not insured with a car hire company that reduces the excess amount, but a cover refunds you if the car hire company charges you for damage or theft. With this option, you will be reimbursed up to 3000 EUR. You can read the Terms and Conditions or contact us for more information.

        How do I find cheap car hire online?

        Prices vary frequently. Booking a car 3 to 8 weeks before your desired pick-up date is best - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. 

        How many countries do you compare to?

        We at Orbit Car Hire compare car hire prices in over 140 countries, including popular destinations within Europe such as Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Croatia, Malta, France, Slovenia, and Germany. 

        What currency should I use to pay for the car?

        You can pay the confirmation fee on Orbit's page in EUR, GBP, ISK and USD. When you pick up your car hire, you will pay the remaining balance in the currency of the pickup country. 

        Can I rent a car from inside the terminal?

        You can hire a car from inside the terminal. When you compare our offers, you can filter "In Terminal" to see all the offers we have that are inside the terminal. 

        What is the cheapest car to rent?

        The cheapest car to rent is the Fiat 500, Volkswagen Up and Fiat Panda. 

        Can I add a driver to my booking?

        You can always add a driver to your booking when finding your car hire deal on Orbit Car Hire. If you have already made a booking, you can contact us to add the additional driver. You can also add a driver to your booking when you pick up the vehicle. 

        What payment methods are accepted?

        You can pay with a debit and credit card when booking with Orbit Car Hire. We accept Mastercard and Visa. 

        Can I drop off my car at a different location?

        Yes, you can. When you look for car hire deals on our webpage, you can press "Yes" to "Different drop-off location" and see all the best deals for one-way car hire. 

        How can I add a flight number to my booking?

        You can add a flight number on our webpage when booking. If you already have a booking, email us at, and our customer service will add your flight number to the booking. 

        Do I have to pay for toll roads?

        If you drive where toll roads are required, you are responsible for paying for the toll roads on which you drive the rental vehicle. 

        What does deductible mean?

        If a rental car is damaged or even stolen while on rent, there will be a limit to how much the renter has to pay to repair or fix it. Excess (also known as deductible) is a name for the amount that has to be paid. This excess is different between countries and car rental companies in each country. Depending on the car rental company, this can include fire, vandalism, theft, or loss of use while the car is being repaired. You can read more about deductibles right here.

        What is a Collision Damage Waiver?

        Collision Damage Waiver, or CDW, is a basic car rental insurance offered to renters by a car company. CDW limits your financial liability in case of damages to the body of the hired vehicle with an excess. The driver is responsible for paying for the excess, but the car rental company waives the rest of the cost. This excess can be different between rent a car company.

        What is Theft Protection?

        Theft Protection is a car rental insurance that car rental companies offer. It protects the renter up to a certain amount from the risk of stealing the rental car or somebody trying to steal it. An excess, also known as a deductible, comes with each Theft Protection. This excess is the limit to what the renter would have to pay if the car is stolen or if somebody tries to steal it.

        Which brands can I compare with Orbit?

        With Orbit Car Hire, you can compare car hire with all the major car rentals like Europcar, Enterprise, Alamo, Sixt and Budget. You can also compare over 100 local companies from all over the world. 

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