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7 Days Itinerary in Slovenia - Best Road Trip Ideas

Slovenia is on the sunny side of the Alps is certainly a unique choice for your next road trip. Slovenia is full of hidden gems, scenic routes and picturesque landscapes.

Slovenia for your next road trip? Bingo. This beautiful country on the sunny side of the Alps is certainly a unique choice for your next trip. It appeals to all types of tourists, those who want to spend their holidays actively and those who just want to recharge their batteries and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Slovenia is one of the countries you should explore by car, as it is not very well connected to public transport. Be sure to read all the tips on driving in Slovenia so you can travel safely, without worries and explore the country faster, more fun and independently. And you know what they say: sometimes you have to turn off the main road to experience the country. Slovenia is full of hidden gems, scenic routes and picturesque landscapes.

In 7 days you will not see all the beauty Slovenia has to offer, but you will have enough time to admire at least some of it. If you are arriving by plane, you should start your trip in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, which is also the most common pick-up point for a rental car.

Day 1: Explore Ljubljana 

Take your time and stroll around the city centre, which offers a wealth of attractions and sights like Križanke, NUK or Three Bridges. You can park your car in one of the parking garages or a multi-storey car park near the centre. When parking on the street, do not forget to pay for your parking ticket or you will be fined. The centre itself is not too big, so you can easily walk through it. In several places around it is also possible to rent a bike and return it to another place.

Ljubljana is beautiful in all seasons, in summer you will be impressed by the bustle and liveliness of the city, in many places in the city you can hear live music. It is good to know that every Friday in summer there is an open kitchen festival in Ljubljana’s main market, where local Slovenian restaurants prepare food on the street. You can choose from traditional Slovenian cuisine, Asian, Oriental and others. You can get food at cheaper prices than in the restaurants and enjoy the summer city atmosphere there. Of course, there is also a wide selection of local beers, wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you have enough time, the park Tivoli is a good idea to spend few hours. It's a beautiful park with lots of children's playgrounds, quiet walking paths... Many spend hours just sitting on a blanket, reading a book, chatting with friends and enjoying the warm days. The park is not far from the city centre, you can even easily walk there for a meal or a coffee. Like many cities, Ljubljana is really beautiful from above.

The most beautiful places are the skyscraper or the Ljubljana Castle. You will see the whole old town with the beautiful river Ljubljanica and all its bridges. A night walk through the city and a drink or two is also highly recommended, so make sure to book your hotel near the city centre. If you want to shop, the old town of Ljubljana is a true shopper's paradise. You'll find all the big brand stores, beautiful boutiques and cosy souvenir shops within walking distance.

The River Ljubljanica

River Ljubljanica

Ljubljana Downtown

Old town of Ljubljana and its castle

Day 2: Skofja Loka, Lake Bohinj and the amazing Lake Bled

Continue your journey towards Bohinj through Skofja Loka, the most underrated city in Slovenia. Even though Skofja Loka offers many options to spend time there, the walk through the old town and castle will be enough to feel the city how it breathes and stop just for a coffee and ice cream in one of many cafes in the city centre.

Continue your scenic road to Soriska Planina, a ski resort and amazing base point for hiking in every season.

The road ahead will take you straight down to Lake Bohinj. If you have decided to go on a summer road trip, here you can refresh yourself in a glacial lake surrounded by beautiful nature. If you like sports, take some extra time and rent a kayak or sup to go out into the solitude. Do not ignore the Savica waterfall, which is located near Lake Bohinj. A 20-minute walk up the 533 steps will be worth it as you marvel at Slovenia's largest waterfall.

If you want to spend a few hours swimming and relaxing by the lake and choosing between Bled and Bohinj, we recommend the latter as it is less crowded and offers more swimming opportunities. Only 20 minutes drive away from Bohinj is located the most beautiful and most visited place in Slovenia. Make sure to save enough time to visit Bled Castle, take a boat called Pletnja to the island and try the famous cream cake in one of the cafes.

A walk around the lake takes about an hour and offers you beautiful views. Just a short hike (40 minutes) to Mala Osojnica will give you a chance to admire picturesque views from above. If you want to see the lake from a different perspective, you can rent sup or a kayak. Bled is also beautiful at night, especially in the summer. Be sure to book accommodation nearby to enjoy the warm summer nights by the lake with your favourite company.

Not far from the lake is also the beautiful Vintgar Gorge, which you should visit once you are in the area. Vintgar is closed during the winter, so make sure you check the opening times before you head out on an adventure.

Vintgar Gorge

Soriska Planina

Lake Bled

The amazing Lake Bled

 Day 3: Kranjska Gora

There are two paths leading you to Kranjska Gora, we suggest a picturesque forest road that leads past Radovna and Lake Kreda, a beautiful lake that is quite undiscovered and not crowded. In the summer you can refresh yourself and enjoy the silence, in the winter the lake usually freezes and it is possible to ice skate and play hockey.

Kranjska Gora is beautiful in every season. Stroll through the old town, which is especially magical at Christmas time, when it transforms into a small alpine village with homemade products and traditional delicacies from the area, you can warm up with a mulled wine or tea by the open fireplace, which gives the town even more alpine idyll. Kranjska Gora is also known for its beautiful ski resort, where the Vitranc World Cup is held every year. There are also well-maintained cross-country ski trails. In summer you can enjoy an adrenaline-filled descent on a toboggan or mountain bike.
If you are a fan of ski jumping, Planica is one of the points worth seeing. In the wintertime, you might be able to catch a live ski jumping international match, and in the summer, adrenaline fans can afford to zipline off the world's largest ski jump.
When you’re returning to Kranjska Gora, do not forget Zelenci, a nature reserve offering a variety of flora and fauna. Just a few kilometres before the first bends to the Vrsic Pass is located the beautiful Jasna Lake, which offers refreshment during summer days. Around the lake, you can walk on many well-kept paths and refresh yourself with ice cream or lemonade in a nearby café. 

Continue your journey over the Vrsic Pass, the highest and most beautiful mountain pass in Slovenia, into the pearl of nature, the Soca Valley. The road will take you through the Trenta Valley in the heart of the Triglav National Park, where you will surely be impressed by the source of the Soca River, only 15 min walk away from the nearby parking lot.

Kranjska Gora Valley

Day 4: Bovec - Soča Valley

Continue your journey to Bovec, a prime outdoor location on the sunny side of the Slovenian Alps and a paradise for water sports, hiking, biking and nature activities in summer. In winter, it's known by the Kanin ski resort, which is connected to the Sella Nevea ski area in Italy. On your way to Bovec, do not miss the Great Soca Gorge, which is the starting point for many water activities and also probably the most beautiful point in the Triglav National Park.

Also worth seeing is the Boka Waterfall, which you can also see from the road if you do not have time or will to walk nearby. Continue the road to Kobarid, known for its eventful past during the First World War. Today, Kobarid and its surroundings offer a wealth of natural beauty and opportunities for sporting activities. You should not miss the long footbridge over the Soca River, which will lead you to the beautiful Napoleon Bridge and the Kozjek Waterfall.

Your next stop is Tolmin, a small town on the Italian border. Like all the other towns in the Soca River Valley, Tolmin offers a wide range of outdoor activities. Take your time and explore the Tolmin Gorge, the lowest point of the Triglav National Park. This wonderful natural wonder is also witnessed by the legend of the visit of the famous Dante Alighieri in the 14th century, who is said to have been inspired to write his poem The Divine Comedy while visiting the mysterious Troughs of Hell. If you love museums and history, you can visit the Tolmin Museum and see with your own eyes what life in the Soca Valley was like in the past.

Not far from Tolmin is Most na Soči, the pearl of the Vally, situated on a natural footbridge above the confluence of the Idrijca and Soča rivers. The place will impress you with its blue colour and peaceful character. If you are travelling in summer, gather your courage and jump off the bridge or just take a boat to experience the place from a new perspective.

Bovec - the Slovenian Alps

Day 5: Goriška Brda

The Goriška Brda region, a fairytale landscape of rolling hills, lies in the western corner of Slovenia. Imagine endless vineyards, timeless villages and tasting award-winning wines. If you are a foodie, a photo enthusiast, a wine connoisseur and an avid hiker, this is a place you should explore. And one thing is for sure: you should not miss the Goriška Brda region, Slovenia's hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

A wine tasting in one of the cellars shouldn't be missed, especially around Saint Martin's Day in November, a popular Slovenian holiday that signifies the end of work in the vineyard and is associated with tastings and celebrations. May could also be something special when it comes to the celebration of the local red and crispy cherries, considered one of the most delicious far and wide.

Goriška Brda

Day 6: The Slovenian coast 

Take a scenic road through the Slovenian Karst via Stanjel, Duvovlje and Sezana towards Seaside. The Slovenian coast is only 42 km long, but it has so much to offer! Take a day off and lie on the beach and swim in the warm Adriatic Sea in summer, or take a walk along the numerous walking trails by the sea. The main focus should be on Piran, Izola and Portorose, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets in one of the many beach restaurants, let yourself be enchanted by the local charm and try everything the area has to offer. 

Coast of Slovenia

Slovenian Coast

Day 7: Postojna and back to Ljubljana

You can also take scenic roads on the way back to Ljubljana, but it will be faster to take highways if you follow our guide, that will be your first time.

On the way back, be sure to make a pit stop in Postojna. It will take you two hours to visit Postojna Cave, a magical corner of the karst world and home to baby dragons. with great cave formations and diverse fauna. Take an unforgettable ride on the Postojna Cave underground train and experience the magnificent cave formations formed by tiny droplets over millions of years.
Just a few kilometres from Postojna Cave, the Karst World offers an unforgettable experience in the fairytale world of knights. An invincible medieval wonder more than 800 years old is carved into the 123 m high vertical wall. Behind the largest cave castle in the world hides a maze of secret tunnels.

We assure you that this is one of the most picturesque routes in Slovenia. In one week you will get to know Slovenia in a nutshell, experiencing everything from alpine villages, the pulse of Slovenia's oldest towns, the Emerald River Valley in all its glory and the beautiful Mediterranean Slovenian Istria. Depending on where you want to spend more time, you can adjust your sleeping place. We recommend the following points: 

Recommended Itinerary 



Day 1  Explore the beautiful Ljubljana
Day 2 Drive to Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj 
Day 3 Explore Kranjska Gora
Day 4 Bovec - Enjoy Soča Valley
Day 5  Travel around Goriska brda
Day 6 Visit the Slovenian Coast 
Day 7 Head back to Ljubljana on a scenic road trip

Road Trip Map

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