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Best Christmas markets in Prague 2024

Looking for a magical winter getaway in Europe? Pack your Christmas spirit and travel to the best Christmas markets in Prague.

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are starting to drop. Let the sunless winter days glisten and warm up with a mug of sweet hot chocolate at the Christmas markets in Europe! This time we take you on a trip to the enchanting capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague has been gathering its lovely charm for over a thousand years. Towards the end of November, drive your Prague rental car and watch the snow begin to cover the beautifully decorated cobblestone streets. Prague makes it easy to navigate your way from one Christmas market to the next, giving you plenty of time to visit the most famous sights and immerse yourself in Czech Christmas traditions. Find out which Christmas markets in Prague we've selected and start planning your winter getaway.

Christmas market on the Old Town Square

Are you already excited and really cheerful because the Christmas season is approaching? If your answer is yes, then you are in luck! The Christmas markets in Prague start even before December. Speaking of which, Christmas comes too early!

The Old Town Square Christmas Market is located in the heart of Prague and spreads its Christmas spirit from Jan Hus Memorial to the amazing Astronomical Clock. This means you can tick two sights off your bucket list in Prague at once. Well, that was easy, wasn't it?

This Christmas market in Prague is the largest and usually the most crowded. But don't let the crowds stop you from visiting, because this market has been voted one of the best in the whole wide world. The focal point of the Christmas market is the majestic Christmas tree, twinkling with thousands upon thousands of lights. A square is set up around the tree where open-air Christmas concerts are held to make the experience that little bit merrier. For children, there are many organized workshops and special events. There's even a barn with live farm animals they can pet! Christmas tree that has been decorated

At the beautifully decorated stalls, you will find traditional handmade items and delicious pastries that you simply must try! In past years we have tried a few pastries and we highly recommend trying the freshly baked vanilla crescents and the so-called "vánočka", which is a delicious folded puff pastry/cake. Old Town Square is the oldest square in the historic city centre, surrounded by many great restaurants, cafes, bars and designer shops.

The Christmas season is often associated with mulled wine, but not everyone is a fan of it, so listen up if you're a beer lover, because this is for you. Prague is very well known for its great beers; they even have a beer museum that you can visit and make your own bottle of beer. Let's toast to that, shall we? 

Christmas tree at Prague Castle

Christmas Market at Prague Castle

You'll find this Christmas market in St. George's Square behind the walls of Prague Castle, which was built in the 9th century. Just imagine how many Christmas markets have been held there!

Take your Prague car rental to the Christmas market at Prague Castle, which offers its visitors a unique setting. At the Christmas market, you will find over 70 carefully selected vendors offering their high-quality goods. Get the perfect gift for your family. Choose from handmade glass Christmas tree decorations, embroidered lace, wooden toys and much more. We believe you won't leave this market empty-handed. Enjoy wonderful food and drinks while taking in the magnificent views of Prague and the Vltava River from the castle.

Make sure you are dressed for winter! There is a security check at the entry that can take a while and we don't want you to catch a cold. If your entrance is granted, make sure you warm up a bit with a hot cup of tea! 

Christmas market at the Friedensplatz

Want to celebrate the Christmas season like the locals? The Christmas Market at Peace Square is probably the best place where you can experience authentic Christmas traditions. You won't see many tourists here, as it's more popular with the locals. Tip: This market is also one of the first to pop up in the city, making it perfect if you're visiting before December.

The Christmas market is set up in front of St Ludmila's Church. Head towards the southeastern part of Prague with your Prague car rental. Stroll through the more than 60 wooden stalls where you can find and choose from a variety of traditional Christmas items, such as Advent calendars, handmade candles with the most pleasant scents you can imagine, jewellery made of glass or wood, and much, much more.

Don't miss out on the typical Czech food at this Prague Christmas market either. Try the roasted ham, delicious grilled sausages or salty potato pancakes. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try the traditional Christmas cookies! We're getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious delicacies you'll find in Prague this Christmas season.

Christmas market on Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is one of the main squares in the city and during the holidays, one of the most popular Christmas markets in Prague takes place here. Wenceslas Square is also known as the shopping hub of Prague, which makes it perfect if you need to do some last-minute Christmas shopping while enjoying your Czech holiday stay.

Stroll through the many wooden huts and enjoy the lively atmosphere. In Wenceslas Square, you'll find a huge Christmas tree and even a live nativity scene with real animals! Treat yourself to one of the many delicious Christmas treats, such as gingerbread cookies and a special version of hot honey wine.

If you're in town around Christmas time, you're in for a treat because it's going to smell a bit like fish! There will be several water tanks on the street where you can buy live carp fish. Don't be too shocked and say we didn't warn you. Locals buy live carp fish for Christmas dinners and feasts - this is an old Czech tradition.

Drive your Prague car hire around Wenceslas Square and visit one of the many museums dotted around this touristy area. We recommend visiting Mucha Museum, where you will find the amazing posters of Alphonse Mucha - a famous Czech painter, the Cold War Museum, the Museum of the Senses, the National Museum and the Apple Museum - for all iOS fans. 

Christmas coffee with milk

Christmas Market on Republic Square

The Christmas Market on Republic Square is a bit smaller than the others we have listed in this article. But that doesn't mean it lacks Christmas spirit!

Take your Prague car hire from Wenceslas Square to Republic Square and visit the Christmas market there. This market is also close to Old Town Square, so it's the perfect starting point if you're planning to do some Christmas market hopping!

If you are on a budget, then you must visit this Christmas market in Prague as the prices here are not as high as elsewhere. The Christmas market at Republic Square is known as the place with the best food. Locals love to stop here and get something to eat and drink before heading to Old Town Square. We love to stop by this market and indulge in the traditional "trdelník", a spit cake made from baked dough that is slowly baked over an open fire. It is then topped with a variety of toppings. The most popular is ice cream, even on cold winter days.

If you are driving a car hire in Prague with your significant other, then you must go to this Christmas market in Prague. They have the traditional mistletoe there and you know what that means when you and your romantic partner find yourselves under it.

Car rental in Prague

The best way to get from one Christmas market to the next is to rent a car in Prague. This means you'll have less stress and more holiday cheer! Also, if you are planning to go sightseeing, a car rental in Prague will make it easier for you to move around the capital of the Czech Republic and experience as much as possible.

We hope you will have the best time during this holiday season in Prague!

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