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Can you smoke in a rental car?

Smoking in a rental car can end in a hefty fine. Read about policy from rental companies and what it can mean to smoke in a rental car.

Are there car rental companies that allow smoking?

Car rental companies do not allow smoking in their rental cars. All major car rental companies and local car rental companies maintain a 100 per cent smoke-free rental car policy. If you want to smoke in a rental car, you will not find this option in North America or in Europe. There may be some car rental companies outside of North America and Europe that allow smoking in their rental cars. However, it is important to find out before you smoke in the car, it is best to ask at the counter if this is possible.

What happens if I smoke in a rental car?

If you smoke in a rental car where it is prohibited, you will face a hefty fine from the car rental company. All car rental companies charge a cleaning fee if there is a smell of smoking in the rental car.

How much does it cost if you smoke in a rental car? 

This cleaning fee can range from 50 EUR to 300 EUR, or even higher depending on the company. It will be stated in the rental agreement if smoking is prohibited in the rental car. Car rental companies are very strict about smoking in cars. If smoking in the car can cause burn marks on the seats or interior of the vehicle, it can cost the renter more than the cleaning fee. Since the interior is not covered in most insurance policies like Collision Damage Waiver, scorch marks and other damage that can be caused by smoking in the car can end up in a hefty fee from the car rental company.

How can I avoid being charged for smoking in my rental car if I don't smoke? 

When you pick up your rental car, it's important to go over the car's damage report. If you notice any signs of smoking in the car, you should notify the rental car company so it is noted on the damage report. If your rental car has a cigarette smell, go to the agent immediately and request a new vehicle. This way, you can avoid being charged for smoking in a rental car.

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Is it legal to smoke in a rental car?

In many countries, it is illegal to smoke in a car. For example, in Australia, the UK, France, Canada and Iceland, it is illegal to smoke in a car with children. There are also countries where there are no laws against smoking, such as Greece. However, if you are stopped by a traffic policeman, he can fine you if he believes that smoking has impaired your ability to drive.

It's important to remember that even though it's not illegal to smoke in a car in some countries, rental companies may have their own rules in the rental agreement. So be sure to read the terms and conditions or ask the counter staff before smoking in the rental car.

What if I get a rental car that smells of smoke? 

If you pick up your rental car and it smells like smoke, go directly to the car rental employee and inform them. Request a car that does not smell like smoke. They should provide you with a smoke-free car at no additional cost.

Can I vape in a rental car?

Many car rental companies do not have e-cigarettes mentioned in their terms and conditions. So it is in a grey area. If the rental companies smell something from vaping or the interior is damaged from vaping, they charge a cleaning fee or damage.

Why do rental companies forbid smoking in their cars?

Most car rental companies have implemented a smoking ban to ensure that all customers can ride in clean and comfortable cars. By banning smoking in cars, you can always trust that you will get a car that smells fresh.

Will the smell of cigarettes in a car go away? 

It is possible to remove the cigarette smell from cars. However, this can be a challenge. It requires deep cleaning and is best done by professionals. We don't recommend trying to have your rental car cleaned to remove cigarette odour. It is best not to smoke in your rental car unless it is allowed per your rental agreement.

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