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Car Hire With No Deposit

Car hire deposits can be up to 3000 €. We believe that renting a car should be stress-free. Find out how you can find the best car hire deals without a deposit.

We all know the frustration of showing up at the counter. The agent requires a hefty security deposit to be placed on our cards. Security deposits are a big part of car hire and can be found in different amounts. It can differ between countries, car rental companies and vehicles. In many cases, this amount is hidden and will be a surprise at the counter. Still, with Orbit Car Hire, we want to be transparent and make sure you can compare offers with the deposit. 

What is a security deposit for car hire?

A security deposit is a fixed amount blocked on your credit card while you have the vehicle on rent. This amount is a security for the car rental companies in case of damages, parking tickets or missing fuel. If a vehicle is returned with damage, the deposit is taken for the cost of the repair. Deposits can be in two parts; 

  • Insurance Excess Amount: The rental companies often require a deposit for the excess amount, which can differ between vehicles and rental companies. 
  • Fuel Deposit: At Orbit, we offer a fair fuel policy. You will book a vehicle with Full to Full or Same to Same. When rental companies offer full to full, they can take a deposit amount for the fuel tank. It is done in case the vehicle is returned with less fuel than delivered. 

You can expect companies to take a deposit of both the excess amount and fuel. 

The amount of security deposit can have a big difference between countries. For example, this deposit can be higher than the average amount or up to 3000 EUR in countries like Iceland and Italy. 

In Italy, accidents happen more often than in other countries. In Iceland, it results due to the cost of repairs being higher than in other countries. Then if you look at countries like Portugal or Greece, you can find most offers with a lower deposit amount, and some even offer zero deposit. It is because we always try to negotiate the lowest deposit amounts possible. 

Can I rent a car without a security deposit?

You can compare and search for low and even zero deposits by using the filters in our search results. By filtering "Excess ", you can find the amounts you are comfortable with. 

How to rent a car with no deposit?

While comparing car hire offers, you can also press the Rental Details on the offer. There you will find all requirements for each offer available and compare different conditions such as security deposit, excess amount and payment options. Here are the steps to hire a car with no deposit: 

Rental details on Orbit Car Hire

  1. Enter your location and dates into the booking engine and press search
  2. Go through the offers available and look at the filters 
  3. Press the "excess "filter and select the amount suited for you
  4. Read the "Rental Details "for each offer that you like 
  5. The deposit amount will be on the first page of rental details and the vehicle's excess. 

Car hire without deposit

Popular locations for car rental without deposit 

We are always looking for locations and suppliers with no security deposit. If you want to hire a car with no deposit, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 

Alicante Airport Ljubljana Airport
Faro Airport Malaga Airport
Mallorca Airport Ibiza Airport
Tenerife South Airport Lisbon Airport
Valencia Airport Lanzarote Airport

How Premium Coverage can help

Suppose you do not find an offer without a security deposit. In that case, you will have other options to cover the vehicle in case of damage. With our Premium Coverage, you will have the opportunity to secure the deposit. Purchasing the Premium Coverage will cover you up to the excess amount. Suppose a rental company holds your deposit due to damage. In that case, Orbit will reimburse the deposit amount to your account. 

What does Premium Coverage offer?

  • Excess/Deductible/CDW charges for damage or theft up to 3000 €.
  • Damage to the vehicle body, fire, theft; windscreen and other glass, wheels, tires and hubcaps, locks, bodywork and roof, which are a result of the collision, up to 3000 €. 
  • Lost/damaged key cover up to 500 €.
  • Miss-fueling up to 300 €.
  • Road Rage Cover up to 1000 €.
  • Administration charges up to 500 €. 
  • Towing expenses up to 500 €.

Premium Coverage covers the excess (Up to 3000€) charged by the car hire provider. 

Premium Coverage with Orbit

Frequently Asked Questions About Deposits 

Can I hire with a low credit limit?

Yes, this is possible. For example, you can hire a car with no deposit requirement or find a low deposit car hire and ensure that the credit limit is enough. 

Do I need good credit to hire a car?

You need to have a valid credit card in the name of the main driver to hire a car. 

Can I find no-deposit offers everywhere?

Unfortunately, car rental companies have not started offering no deposit everywhere. Only a few rental companies will offer no deposit in selected countries. 

Is there low deposit offers available?

Yes, you can filter in the search criteria for low deposit offers. 

Can I pay the deposit with cash?

No, you need to have a card with you for the deposit. 

Which car hire companies accept debit cards?

Big rental companies such as Sixt, Europcar, Alamo, and Enterprise accept debit cards.

Can I hire a car without a credit card?

Yes, you can find offers that do not require a credit card. When you have found an offer, you can press Rental Details to see payment requirements from the car hire company. 

No deposit car hire with Orbit
Rent a car with Orbit Car Hire

Find your no-deposit car hire with Orbit. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our incredible customer service team.

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