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Menorcan Sandals - Handmade and Authentic

When you hear the word "fashion", perhaps the first countries that come to mind are Italy and France. Sometimes we unreasonably forget that Spain has much more to offer than paellas. After all, we all know Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti, and no, Massimo Dutti is not an Italian brand, it is actually Spanish. We could go on and on, from Pacco Rabanne to Rebeca Sanver, but here we are talking about some special shoes made in Menorca called Avarca. Every woman who has seen at least two episodes of th

In this blog, we will go over the following topics about Menorcan Sandals. 

  • Menorcan sandals - shoes that made Menorca famous
  • History of the Menorcan sandals - Avarcas
  • Menorcan sandals - a must-have
  • Where to find Menorcan sandals
  • History of Spanish fashion

Menorcan sandals - shoes that made Menorca famous

Shoes, shoes, shoes. In every woman's wardrobe, shoes are the most important component. Some prefer them plain, others elegant, high heels, low heels, boots, knickers, you name it. But they all have something in common: when the summer heat hits, they want them light and airy. And that's the recipe for the success of Menorcan sandals. Once you wear them, you'll quickly see why they're such a big hit. A rainbow of different avarcas will make any woman go crazy.

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History of the Menorcan sandals - Avarcas

Let's now take a look at how the history of Menorcan sandals began. The origins of these remarkable shoes go way back. And there is a storey behind them. It is said that the first buyers of Menorcan sandals were the slingers who were in the service of Carthaginian Hannibal when he fought the Romans. Until many years later, Menorcan sandals were the work shoes of the peasants who worked the land, as the footwear is very sturdy but at the same time comfortable and flexible.

Initially, Menorcan sandals were made of leather, but over time the material was changed. In the early 20th century, the material of the avarcas became tyre rubber. Tyre rubber was considered more suitable as it is more robust and flexible than leather, does not slip and lasts longer, plus it is actually moisture resistant. In short, Menorcan sandals were originally designed to protect farmers' feet from the stony fields and the heat. Some of the locals still wear them today when working their land. But how did they end up on the catwalks of the world?

Menorcan sandals - a must-have

Farmers still wear Menorcan sandals all over the Balearics, but nowadays Menorcan shoes have become a must-have in every woman's wardrobe. Their appearance hasn't changed much. The soles still look sturdy - as if they were made of car tyre rubber - but Menorcan sandals are now much lighter than the original sandals with car tyre soles.

Over the years, avarcas have become so popular that they are now sold all over the world. Here we have to thank the tourists who have adopted them as their own. Menorcan sandals are now sold in all kinds of colours. You can choose from many different styles; some are hand-painted with different patterns, and others are designed in neutral colours or with subtle prints. You can choose from platforms, small heels or flats - whatever suits you best. There's at least one pair for every taste. But to be honest, if you go through this Menorca sandal heaven, it will be very difficult to choose just one pair.

Where to find Menorcan sandals

Now that you know almost everything about Menorcan sandals, it's time for you to buy them for yourself.

Since these shoes are now sold all over the world, you can find them almost everywhere. But if you're in Menorca, you can't miss the opportunity to take home an original handmade pair of avarcas. Finding them is easy. But take our advice, you must first visit MIBO.

MIBO is a famous brand name, and you simply must visit this factory. There you can see the process of how Menorcan sandals are made. After that, you can stop by their shop and shoe store. We promise you that you will not leave this place with just one pair of Menorcan sandals. Even if you hold on and choose just one pair for yourself, you will most likely buy another for your child and a pair for your loved one.

But even otherwise, you won't have any trouble finding the perfect shop for your brand-new avarcas in Menorca. The shops are everywhere. You can choose between tourist shops or outlet stores, avarcas are the shoe of Menorca. Ciutadella or Mahon are perhaps the best towns to shop for Menorcan sandals. If you start your shoe shopping there, you can also enjoy the lovely cobblestone streets and squares of the old town, where you can test your new purchase right away.

If you want to research your Avaracas options before you head to Menorca and buy yourself a pair of Menorcan sandals, you can research online. Visit or where you will find what Menorca has to offer. You can choose from women's shoes, sandals for men and even a pair for your child. 

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History of Spanish fashion

Now let's take a quick look at the history of Spanish fashion.

At the beginning of the 16th century, Spanish fashion was freed from Moorish elements and gained independence. In the second half of the 16th century, Spain became an economic and political force in Europe. Enormous wealth grew from the colonies on the newly discovered American continent, which also affected the personal wealth of the population and luxurious fashion.

Despite multiple announcements to cut back on luxury, wealthy Spaniards found it difficult to give up expensive, gilded materials. This leads to the appearance that the authorities ultimately refrained from enforcing strict clothing regulations and left it up to everyone to dress according to their means. And that can lead to shoes made for peasants, as is now becoming a big fashion hit.

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