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The best family friendly restaurants in Faro

Since you've decided to explore Faro with your little ones, it's time to look at where you can enjoy your meal. Although Faro is a very kid-friendly city, travelling with your child can be stressful. When it's time to eat, kids tend to get very cranky, and so do adults. So it's important to find the right place to enjoy your lunch.

Most parents are well aware of the dangers of eating with toddlers. They know they will need quick and compassionate service and a simple but familiar meal. It's also important to know the layout of the restaurant; steps, high chairs, and small tables are all things you don't want to see when preparing your family for a reasonably quiet lunchtime. Whatever that may be. Just for all the exhausted parents, we've made a list of kid-safe restaurants in Faro.

Top 5 family-friendly restaurants in Faro:

We recommend renting a car at Faro Airport and exploring the old town of Faro. After all that sightseeing, you and your family can enjoy a leisurely meal at the following five eateries.

  • Alef Burger Bar. You're on vacation, relax and forget about healthy food for a while. Enjoy your burger and order a large portion of fries for your child.
  • Wax Restobar. While your offspring play on the beach, you can enjoy your lunch in peace. Octopus and fish are definitely recommended.
  • 31 Bistro Vinho & Comp. This friendly family restaurant in the heart of Faro will spoil you with traditional Portuguese cuisine and vino.
  • La Forchetta. Pizza and spaghetti are something the Italians have made for all the picky kids in the world. The prices here are reasonable and if you are also a fan of Italian food, this is the place for you.
  • Xic restaurante (Tapas&Petiscos). The very patient and friendly staff at this place will show your family what traditional Faro food tastes like. The petiscos are made for your picky toddler.

The best family friendly restaurants in Faro

Faro cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is all about seafood and fish. Lots and lots of fish. "Bacalhau" - which is basically dried and salted cod and "sardines assadas" or grilled sardines are Portuguese specialities. Faro's cuisine is also very much under the influence of the Mediterranean. So you will find some kind of seafood on most menus. Faro has added mussels in all forms and tapas aka "petiscos" to its culinary delights. Otherwise, it's basically the same as other parts of Portugal.
So if you are staying in Faro and your kids are not fans of seafood, "petiscos" are a good alternative here. Other traditional dishes that are common here are pork and beef. Popular vegetables here are tomatoes, cabbage and onions which are mainly used in casseroles. For food lovers, Faro is a good place to visit. Children may have different preferences, so it might be a wise idea to rethink Portuguese cuisine and just go for spaghetti and chips.

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