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Spain Road Trip: Barcelona to Madrid

Thinking about a holiday in Spain and not sure where to go? Our advice: take a road trip! This is a classic and must be on your bucket list. Road tripping through Spain is a fantastic idea as it allows you to explore all the treasures of this charming country.

In this blog, we will go over the perfect road trip from Barcelona to Madrid

  • 8 Epic Spain Road Trip Stops with costs, time and distances
  • Barcelona - the starting point of your road trip
  • Valencia - 2nd stop on your road trip
  • Murcia - the third stop on the road trip
  • Granada - the City of Graffiti
  • Malaga - Pablo Picasso was here :)
  • Seville - 6th stop of the road trip
  • Toledo - the Imperial city
  • Madrid - the finishing point

Spain is a land of tapas and paellas, a land of siestas and flamenco, a land of the most diverse and alluring scenery, a land of towering architecture and rich historical heritage. "In Spain, the dead are more alive than in any other country in the world." That's why a road trip in Spain is a must!  

Barcelona - the starting point of your road trip

We recommend starting your road trip with a car hire in Barcelona. The next item on your itinerary is sightseeing. Barcelona will surprise you with its stunning architecture, gourmet foodie scene and vibrant nightlife. 

Things to see in Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada Familia: The construction of this majestic church began in 1882 and is scheduled to be completed by 2026 (which is 123 years longer than the construction of the Great Pyramid).
  • La Pedrera: The breathtaking beauty of this residence, designed as a constant curve, is again due to Gaudi.
  • Park Guel: When artificial and natural forms combine, you get Park Guel - designed by none other than Gaudi himself.
  • Barcelona Pavilion: Less is more. :) If you've had enough of curves and Gaudi, check out this minimalist pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe in 1929.

Beautiful view of the coast in Barcelona


  • Mercat Santa Caterina: Here you'll find different food bars, all serving excellent and affordable food.


  • Laroca shopping village: is a designer outlet - all the top brands in one place!

Valencia - 2nd stop on your road trip

The second road trip stops in Valencia. Spain's third-largest city is another architectural gem and home to paella and oranges. This laid-back city successfully blends the past with the future, nature with culture, and it would be a shame if you didn't stop here for at least a day.

Things to see in Valencia:

  • City of arts and sciences is one of the 12 treasures of Spain. It is a futuristic sci-fi complex built for entertainment and culture. Inside the complex, you will find a cinema, an opera house, an interactive museum, an outdoor gallery and much more.
  • Bioparc ValenciaIf you're taking a road trip with your family, your kids will definitely enjoy this part of the trip. Gorillas, antelopes, lions, giraffes, elephants and leopards are just a few of the many attractions at this zoo.
  • Mercado Central is one of the oldest European markets, designed by Alexandre Soler I March and Francesc Guardia I Vial, and also one of the first markets to offer home delivery.

Amazing building in Valencia


  • Bocadella Tapas: Family run tapas bar - cheap and great! Foodie heaven, fantastic tapas, and bocadillos.

Outlet store:

  • Maria Jose Algas Outlet: Children grow, that’s what they do. And they outgrow everything within a few months. That’s why outlets are here. Visit Maria Jose Algas outlet for children’s clothes.

Murcia - the third stop on the road trip

Murcia gives a vibe of a small town; it's a laid-back town with a lot going on. Founded by the Moors in 825, Murcia today is primarily a university town with a rich history and world-famous cuisine.

Things to see in Murcia:

  • Cathedral de Santa Maria In the heart of Murcia you will find this magnificent cathedral. Its construction began in the 13th century, while the cathedral's 25 bells of the cathedral were built much later in the 17th century. Each bell has a name. Cute!
  • Plaza de la Flores is a lively&lovely place to take a bite and feel the vibe of a town.

Driving a car to Murcia in Spain


  • El Togo: affordable bar, vegetarian-friendly and fresh

Granada - the City of Graffiti

The land of castles and street art lies at the foot of the mountains of Sierra Nevada. This beautiful city full of talkative people will not leave you cold. Things to see:

  • Sierra Nevada National ParkEscaping into the wilderness is an excellent choice, and that's why the Sierra Nevada Mountains is here. Pine forests, spectacular views and tranquillity - Siera Nevada National Park is a paradise for hikers tired of history and culture. ;)
  • Alhambra is another attraction you should not miss. This Islamic fortress complex was designed to be a "paradise on earth". And it really feels like it when you walk through this majestic complex of towers and walls, gardens and fountains.

Castle in Granada, Spain


  • Tele Pizza: If you’ve had enough of Tapas, visit Tele Pizza, an Italian Restaurant in Granada with reasonable prices.


  • Las Rozas Village: is the best place for affordable shopping in Granada.

Malaga - Pablo Picasso was here :)

Finally, here we are; Malaga - the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. The rise of numerous cultural attractions makes Malaga more youthful and powerful than ever before. In addition to art and architectural attractions, Malaga also has a breathtaking coastline. Countless beaches on the Costa del Sol are lined with palm trees, clear waters and cool bars.

Things to see in Malaga:

  • Museo Picasso is a must! No words are needed.
  • Alcazaba Fortress built in the 11th century by Malaga’s Arab rulers offers incredible views, gardens and fountains, oranges and jasmine bushes. Another sight for sore eye

Malaga in the sunset


  • La Tranca offers traditional food, and it’s a great welcoming bar where you can join the locals while you enjoy your meal.

Seville - 6th stop of the road trip

It's no surprise that Seville was voted the top travel destination of 2018. Seville is a city of bicycles and the latest fashions, a city of outstanding architecture, and last but not least, the city of flamenco. Oh yes, and "Star Wars - the Attack of the Clones" was filmed here in Plaza Espana ;)

Things to see in Seville:

  • Seville Cathedral The world’s largest cathedral is also the final resting place of Christopher Columbus
  • Metropol Parasol This wooden structure designed by the German architect Jurgen Mayer has become a City icon.

Beautiful castle in Seville, Spain


  • El Riconcillo: Oldest bar in Seville serving best tapas in town since 1670. 

Outlet: For the best affordable shopping visit Sevilla Fashion Outlet

Toledo - the Imperial city

Toledo is considered a "city of three cultures" - a city where Christians, Muslims and Jews coexisted harmoniously. The Catedral de Toledo, the Alcazar of Toledo and the Sinagoga del Transito are the products and evidence of this harmony. Toledo is a magical city at night with a specific intimate atmosphere, a city of marzipan and swords. A city that you will fall in love with.

Things to see in Toledo:

  • Catedral de Toledo will astound you with its art gallery, with works from Goya, El Greco, and Velazquez.
  • Mirador del Vale: A 20-minute walk is worth it, believe us, the postcard view from the top is amazing.

City centre of Toledo, Spain


  • San Marcos Taqueria: Authentic food full of flavour comes at a reasonable price here.

Madrid - the finishing point

Here we are, at the endpoint of your Spain Road Trip. And we've saved the best for last. Madrid is a metropolis that will disarm you with a smile. It is the third-largest city in the EU and the cultural centre of the country. Madrid is also the birthplace of the Football Club Real Madrid. The capital of Spain is no stranger to small boutiques, cafes and gastropubs. In a word, fabulous! 

Things to see in Madrid:

  • Prado Museum offers the world’s finest European art collections, everything from Goya, to Raphael and Rubens you’ll find here.
  • Real Madrid Stadium is a must for all Real Madrid fans.

Downtown Madrid, in Spain


  • El MiniBAR: It’s Tapas time! We recommend you try their squid strips, pankitos, Bobadilla, and baked goat cheese. Buen Provecho!

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