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        About Split

        Split is Croatia's second-largest city, with over 178.000 people living in the city. Split has a unique setting that makes it one of the most scenic cities in Europe, the dramatic coastal mountains serve as an ideal backdrop for its turquoise waters making Split, unlike any other place you've been before. Split is a city that has been on the map for centuries. The Romans first put it there when they built their retirement palace, which Emperor Diocletian called home in 400 AD -and it's still a significant landmark today! Regardless of who else inhabited Split or what empire happened across its great walling walls, no one could conquer this historic town because there are ancient ruins alongside medieval churches galore and many trendy shops with stylish bars and boutiques.

        Split is located on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea, at the foot of Mount Biokovo (1862 ft). The promontory on which the city is situated separates the Kvarner Gulf from the northern shore of Split Bay. Split has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. The annual average temperature is around 13°C, making it one of the world's warmest cities in the October to May period, but still far below other places in regions like the Mediterranean and even North America.

        Basic info and car hire in Split

        • Location: Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
        • Population: 178.100 (2021)
        • Official language: Croatian
        • Currency: Croatian kuna
        • Weather: The summers are short and hot, with temperatures often reaching the 90sº Fahrenheit (32 Celsius), while winters can be long or cold - sometimes both at once! For the year, there's typically around an average temperature range between 39°F to 89 °F which means you're likely going to experience something in your environment no matter what period it may be during any given day/night cycle here on earth
        • Holidays in Split: Read more about holidays in Split.
        • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafés offer Wi-Fi.
        • Road conditions:  Road condition in Split and Croatia, in general, is known to be very good. It is pretty simple to drive around Split and the motorways around it. 
        • Car hire in Split:  The airport is the most common pick-up point for vehicles in Split. Prices frequently vary in Split, so it's best to book a car three or eight weeks ahead of time - this will ensure you get an affordable car hire rate! Alternatively, if your travel plans change last minute, there are plenty around who can help out as well; just look no further than us here at Orbit Car Hire

         Driving in Split

        Driving in Split is generally simple to drive around. The road condition is very good. You will not find many difficulties while driving in the city or on the highways. The locals are also very helpful when tourists need assistance or any help is required while on the road in Croatia. Nevertheless, you must strictly follow the traffic rules and, of course, be careful. 

        In Split, you need to be at least 18 years old to rent a car, and with some car hire suppliers, the maximum age to rent a car is 75 years. This can differ between car hire companies as well as car categories. Please note that young driver fees may apply to people under 25. This can also vary between companies and car categories. When you book a car with Orbit Car Hire, you will always find the price to have a young driver fee or other fees included in the offers. The speed limit on the motorway is 130 km/h (81 mph). On normal roads, the speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). It is 50 km/h (31 mph) on urban roads, and on all other roads, there is a speed limit sign. Driving in Croatia is relatively easy. Driving in Split, however, does require some attention to driving habits. There are a few key points you should know before driving in Split: It is essential to remember that in Croatia, there is a zero-tolerance for drinking and driving. All people under 25 have a very strict zero-tolerance with 0% alcohol level in the blood (BAC). For drivers over 25, the maximum alcohol level in the blood can be 0.5% (BAC). This is more strict than is known in the UK and a reason to keep in mind before renting a car in Split. 

        • Age limits: The minimum age to rent a car is 18 years old, and with some suppliers for people over 75 years of age, this can be different between car categories. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age.
        • International Driving Permit: An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not identifiable as a Driving License, e.g., it is in a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you rent. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements.
        • Additional papers: Identification(passport), a valid driving licence, and valid proof of insurance. (It is advisable to buy insurance with Orbit Car Hire in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in Croatia)
        • Additional requirements: A reflective jacket is to be kept in the car and worn if you are in an accident. Warning triangle. First aid kit (not compulsory, but we strongly recommend you have it with you, just in case).
        • Children in the car:  The law says that children under the age of five can only travel in the back seat if they are secured with an appropriate child safety harness or device, which will prevent them from moving around and getting injured while riding in your car's seats. A baby who weighs less than 20 pounds may ride facing the front passenger so long as you disable any airbags installed there too! Ages 5-12 mean it’s time to buckle up again - but not just because our government demands it; otherwise, what kind o' guardian would we be? The three-point belts should also apply here.
        • Driving side of the road: Right Side
        • Lights:  You must use daytime running lights during the day (24 hours) in winter, but not in summer.
        • General speed limits: The speed limit on the motorway is 130 km/h (81 mph). On normal roads, the speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). On urban roads, it is 50 km/h (31 mph)
        • Parking suggestions: Parking in Split can be a hassle, but finding that perfect parking spot is worth the effort. Around the old historic part of the town, there are only two or three zones where people leave their cars overnight and pay an hourly fee using an automatic machine (09:00-19:00). The cost per hour varies depending on your zone, so make sure to check before leaving! A receipt should also remain visible from the front seat dashboard after paying for any given amount as this ensures responsibility against theft by local law enforcement agencies who patrol these areas daily, looking out for violators that violate Article 11(c) Section 16 subsection 4 paragraph 5 & 6 if bike riders. 

        Car Hire in Split

        Most popular car hire at Split

        The most selected hire car in Split is the Fiat Panda, with the VW Up and Toyota Yari also popular options. The mini and economy car categories are the most popular car types in Split. 

        If you are looking for a luxury car hire in Split, look no further. With Orbit Car Hire, you can rent a luxury car such as Range Rover Sport, Jaguar XE, Audi A6, Mercedes V-Class and more great luxury brands. 

        Travelling in large groups in Split is easy. You can rent a 9-seater Renault Trafic and Mercedes V-Class that give all passengers great space for their feet and very large luggage space simultaneously. 

        Popular Driving Routes

        Popular One-Way car hire from Split

        Want to rent a car for a one-way trip? No worries! Orbit Car Hire offers a variety of one-way Car Hire options in many locations outside Split. One-way car rental is ideal for cross-town or cross-country travel, saving time by not returning to your original location. Start your reservation with Orbit Car Hire and find great options on one-way car hire at locations across the Croatia.

        • Split - Dubrovnik (229km, roughly 3 hours drive) 
        • Split - Zadar (158km, roughly 1.45-hour drive)
        • Split - Zagreb (393km, roughly 5-hour drive)
        • Split - Pula (519km, roughly 5.5-hour drive) 

        Popular day trips from Split


        Trogir was once a vibrant trading town known for its medieval frescos and impressive bridge. It's since fallen on hard times, but there are still vestiges of Trogir's former glory: churches filled with centuries-old art; ancient stones marking where ships used to anchor back when this place was booming--more tourists will be able to see these things soon thanks in part due to the addition that made them international world heritage site! Trogir is a hidden gem (on the UNESCO world heritage list), and it's only 30 minutes from Split!


        Šibenik is a beautiful city in Croatia that has been around for centuries. The Cathedral of St. James is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and has an exciting exterior containing sculpted human heads made after unknown individuals living in Šibenic(15th or 16th century). Also, there's also St Michael's Fortress, which was built during medieval times; it now provides breathtaking views over its surroundings from atop this hilltop fortress!

        Plitvice Lakes National Park

        Plitvice Lakes National Park is the most famous natural wonder in Croatia. The 16 pristine lakes are a Unesco World Heritage Site and provide a fantastic opportunity to kayak, hike or boat ride around them all!


        The second closest island in Split's archipelago, Brač, can be reached by ferry or catamaran from the main port of Supetar. The ride takes about 50 minutes, and there are plenty more things that you'll want to do when arriving! You could have a leisurely day at one of many small beaches on offer; some popular spots include Milna Cove (famous for its sandstone cliffs) with excellent watersports like scuba diving - just remember where life begins if planning this trip as well because Bol has several churches worth seeing too


        If you are only in Dubrovnik for the day, look at this bustling medieval town. You’ll be able to see everything that it has and then some! You can rent a car one way from Split to Dubrovnik with Orbit Car Hire. 

        What to see in Split

        Split is one of the most scenic cities in Europe, with many great things to do and see. If you're planning a vacation visit to Split, we recommend getting a car hire because it'll make exploring all this gorgeous city available for visitors much easier! 

        The Cetina River is a spectacular sight to see. This 101km long river in southern Croatia has more water than any other place on earth, making it one of the most amazing natural wonders you can visit!
        It may not be as glamorous or well-known as famous landmarks like The Grand Canyon. Still, I assure you will have an incredible time visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site once your trip here ̶ there's plenty for everyone who visits: fishing spots where native Dalmatian populations used them back when they didn't even realize that fish could swim Upstream. 

        Diocletian's Palace is an ancient palace that was once home to the Roman emperor, Diocletian. It stands in Split Town today as a reminder of days long past and what life may have been like for those who lived centuries ago.

        Marjan Forest Park - This beautiful forested hillside park has something for everyone. Whether you're a jogger, hiker, or just looking to take in some fresh air and enjoy the views of nature's beauty from one of many lookout points along this trail - there should be something that'll suit your needs!

        Marjan Hill is a hill on the peninsula of Split. It has 314 steps and is 178 meters in height, making it one of the tallest landmarks when visiting this fantastic city! The best way to experience Marjans' beauty? Get up close with your own two eyes by taking these breathtaking views while standing at its peak so that both sunrise and sunset can be seen perfectly--something almost everyone should do before leaving their time behind them forever...

        Split is a city in Croatia that was once known as Spalatum. The Cathedral of Saint Domnius, which stands at an impressive height and dates back to the 4th century AD/Romanesque period, can be found within this ancient settlement near Plitvice Lake Park while also being one example among many other structures from throughout histories such as stone walls or lavishly decorated churches making up what's called “your medieval village” located close by where visitors will find themselves immersed into tales steeped with Legend & Lore.

        The Vestibule is a place of beauty and tranquillity in the middle of Diocletian's Palace. The first section that leads from this peristyle was once used for formal entrances to imperial apartments. It now serves as more than just an entranceway with its ornate detail crafted by Master craftsmen thousands of years ago.
        The vestibules served multiple purposes over time - it started simply enough being only one room before evolving into two separate areas connected via archways or colonnades- each containing unique features like incense burners which would perfume both spaces when lit at various times throughout the day.

        • Eating out in Split, Croatia

          Explore Croatia 

          Drive your rental car beyond Split

          Croatia has so many things to offer, and Split is no exception. If you're looking for a great time, consider renting your car!

          After seeing all of these Game Of Thrones locations near the city centre, we think it would be worth taking off on an adventure with some new friends or family members. There are plenty more spots that deserve mention, like Dubrovnik, which features even more popular places from George R.R Martin's books series- but what if I told you about our little secret spot where one can find The Twins' Tower as well?
          Mugg punishments await those who dare enter this spooky old ruin in need of restoration work...but don't worry because they provide free coffee while visitors wait their turn to scale its steep staircase.

          Trogir is a hidden gem that's just 30 minutes from Split. This small, romantic coastal town on an island connected by a bridge will surprise you with its history and heritage when you visit it!

        • Downtown Split, Croatia

          Enjoy the culture in Split

          Where to eat, drink, and party in Split

          When you're in Split, don't forget to try out the local cuisine. Many restaurants offer a similar or even identical menu, and it might be difficult for tourists to visit again because of changes constantly happening within this city's culture - so use TripAdvisor before dining out! Our top recommendations include Corto Maltese Freestyle Food & Wine Bar, Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar, Kantun Paulina & Pandora Greenbox.

          One of the best parts about Split is all of its nightlife options. Whether you want to go out and dance with friends, enjoy drinks by yourself or find somewhere new in between - there's always a spot for everyone!

          If you plan on partying in Split, visit the 007 Club. People who are part of the nightlife scene in Split know about this club very well. It is open every day from 10 pm, so it's almost impossible to find a day when it is closed. Loud music and great ambience await you there every time you visit this place.

        Festivals in Split

        Ultra Europe Festival

        Ultra Europe is an electronic music festival held for the first time in Croatia in Split on June 27–29, 2014, by Ultra Europe Ltd. The festival has become one of the most visited festivals in South-Eastern Europe, with ticket sales growing each year. It takes three days on five different stages at the Poljud stadium. Some of the world's best DJs perform live to tens of thousands of people every year. The full lineup included more than 100 artists from all around the globe. Headliners include David Guetta, Avicii, Afrojack, Knife Party, Axwell & Ingrosso and Alesso.

        Split Summer Festival

        Hey, guys! Have you ever heard of the Split Summer Festival? If not, let me tell you more about it! The Split Summer Festival is a music festival in Split, Croatia and lasts for ten days. It usually starts at the end of July and ends on the first day of August. The festival has a long and proud tradition of hosting performances from all ranges, whether classical opera or jazz concerts. The most important venue for this event is the Croatian National Theatre in Split, which also hosts many performances each year!

        Bacvice Beach Festival

        Bacvice beach festival is one of the most popular events in the Zadar region this summer. The Surfers organization from Zadar organizes this music event. It usually lasts two days-29th and 30th of June, every year. Bacvice beach festival gathers at the peninsula Bacvice near Zadar to enjoy the best hits played by famous artists, i.e. Chris Brown, Parov Stelar, Robin Schulz, Dennis Lloyd etc. Most visitors are young people between 22nd and 30sth years old, but some older people with their children enjoy good music on Bacvicas beaches. In Split, Croatia.

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        What you need to know about renting a car

        Where to hire cars in Split Croatia?

        The cheapest car hire deals in Split can be found at Split Airport. You can also find cheap car hire at Split downtown or simply order a hotel delivery. 

        How old do I need to be to rent a car in Split?

        The minimum age to rent a car is 18 years old and with some suppliers for people over 75 years of age. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age. This information is visible in the search engine with Orbit Car Hire.

        Can you hire cars for the day in Split Croatia?

        Yes, you can find affordable car hire for one day in Split. 

        Can you drive a hire car from Croatia to Montenegro?

        Yes, you are allowed to drive from Croatia to Montenegro. Just find out before you go if there are any additional fees from doing this cross-border transaction (It may differ between car hire companies).

        Is it worth hiring a car in Split?

        It is definitely worth hiring a car in Split if you would like to explore everything outside the city limits. There are endless of things to see and do near Split that is worth hiring a car for.  

        Best car hire in Split?

        There are many great car hire companies available in Croatia. From Major companies such as Europcar, Hertz, Firefly and Sixt to local companies such as Carwiz and AutoUnion. 

        Car hire Split to Dubrovnik one way

        You can hire a car in Split and return it in Dubrovnik without any problems. When you search for one-way trips with Orbit Car Hire you will find all fees included in the deals provided.  

        What documentation is required when hiring a car in Split?

        Identification(passport), a valid driving licence, and valid proof of insurance. (It is advisable to buy insurance with Orbit Car Hire in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in Croatia). When behind the wheel, you must always have your driving licence and green card with you. You are bound by standard laws such as wearing a seat belt or not using mobile phones while driving unless it’s hands-free!

        How much is car hire in Split?

        Prices vary frequently in Croatia, so it's best to book a car three or eight weeks ahead of time - this will ensure you get an affordable car hire rate! Alternatively, if your travel plans change last minute there are plenty around who can help out as well; just look no further than us here at Orbit Car Hire

        What is Premium Coverage and how does it work?

        Premium Coverage is an optional service by Orbit Car Hire which, if accepted, covers your financial accountability for damage or theft to the hired vehicle. This is not insured with a car hire company that reduces the excess amount, but a cover that refunds you in case the car hire company charges you for damage or theft. With this option, you will be reimbursed up to 3000 EUR. For more information, you can read the Terms and Conditions or contact us.

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