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        About Bourges

        Bourges, a city in central France, is the capital of the Cher department in the Centre region. It lies at the confluence of the Yèvre and Auron rivers. The city sits at the top of a small hill and is probably best known as the birthplace of Louis XIV.

        Today Bourges is a very popular destination for travelers and tourists from all over the world. The city offers a rich historical, cultural, and architectural heritage. Many people also refer to Bourges as a city of art and history. In addition, the city is known for its famous music festival that takes place every year in April and is called "Printemps de Bourges".

        To explore this charming city, you will need about 2-3 days. So, if you are planning a road trip through France or especially through central France, you should put Bourges on your list of cities to visit. You definitely will not regret it. There is also a lot to see and do in the surrounding areas of this city. So after exploring the beautiful old town of Bourges and visiting the museums and galleries, you can now explore the surrounding areas of Bourges. There are so many great places to go and things to do that you definitely will not get bored. There is something for everyone to do and see. If you prefer an active holiday, you will find plenty of activities in this region. If you prefer history and art, you will also have plenty to do here in central France, because, besides Bourges, there are many other places you can visit and discover the history of this country.

        Basic info and car hire in Bourges

        • Location: Centre region, France
        • Population: 64,668
        • Official language: French
        • Currency: Euro
        • Weather: Bourges has a typical degraded oceanic climate 
        • Internet coverage: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafés offer Wi-Fi.
        • Road conditions:  Most roads in Bourges are in good condition.
        • Car hire in Bourges:  The most common pick-up point for vehicles in Bourges is in Bourges downtown. Please note that prices vary frequently. It is best to book a car 3 to 8 weeks in advance of your desired pick-up date - this will ensure you get the cheapest rental rate. Alternatively, it is also possible to find cheap last-minute car hire. Find the best deal on car hire in Bourges!

         Driving in Bourges

        It is quite easy to get along in Bourges. Traffic is not as heavy as in the larger French cities. There can be traffic jams during peak tourist season and rush hour, but all in all, you can move around the city fairly freely.

        The best option for exploring the city center is to leave your car in one of the many parking lots in the city and explore Bourges on foot in combination with public transportation. This is the easiest and quickest way to explore the old town and some of the sights in the city center.

        When you leave Bourges, the best option is to rent a car and explore the surrounding areas of the city. Many great places are accessible by car. The roads are in good condition so all you have to do is follow the rules, obey all the signs on the road, and drive safely. Buckle up and hit the road.

        • Age limits: The minimum age to drive a car in France is 18 years.
        • International Driving Permit:  Yes, if you are a non-EU license holder.
        • Additional papers:   Identification(passports for all people in the car), the car's registration certificate, and your M.O.T. certificate (for cars over three years old, proving the vehicle meets environmental and road safety standards), a valid driving license, and valid proof of insurance. (It is advisable to buy insurance at the car hire agency in case your policy doesn't cover you while driving in France)
        • Additional requirements:  High-visibility, reflective vest for every person in the car, Warning triangle, Full set of replacement bulbs for head and taillights, Spare pair of glasses, Headlight converters (required if driving from, "Crit'Air" badge (required in central Paris), Breathalyzer.
        • Children in the car:  Children under 13 must be in car seats or wearing seat belts appropriate for their age and height. Babies and infants about a year old or under should always be positioned in rear-facing car seats.
        • Driving side of the road: Right
        • Lights:  Check that all lights are working, clean, and correctly aimed.
        • General speed limits: There is a variable maximum speed on French roads, depending on weather conditions. In dry weather, 2- or 3-lane rural roads are limited to 80 km/h, 4-lane expressways (in rural areas) are limited to 110 km/h, and motorways (in rural areas if classified as highways) are limited to 130 km/h. In rainy conditions, the limits are lowered to 80, 100, and 110 km/h respectively. The 50 km/h speed limit in cities is independent of weather conditions. The general speed limit is reduced to 50 km/h on all roads in fog or other poor visibility conditions when visibility is less than 50 meters.
        • Parking suggestions: In the city area, you must pay for all street parking from Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am-8:00 pm, and you pay per hour. Parking is free on Sundays and holidays. Generally, you can park for up to 6 hours at a time if you do not have a resident's permit, and up to a week at a time with a permit.

        Car Hire in Bourges

        Most popular car hire at Bourges

        The most selected hire car in Bourges is Ford Fiesta, with Renault Clio and Seat Ibiza also being a popular option. The most popular car types in Bourges are mini, economy, and compact.

        Popular Driving Routes

        Popular One-Way car hire from Bourges

        Want to rent a car for a one-way trip? No worries! Orbit Car Hire offers a variety of one-way Car Hire options in many locations outside of Bourges. One-way car rental is ideal for cross-town or cross-country travel, saving time by not returning to your original location. Start your reservation with Orbit Car Hire and find great options on one-way car hire at locations across the France.

        • Bourges-Orleans (123km with approximately 1,5 hours of drive)

        • Bourges-Tours (163km with approximately 1,5-2 hours of drive)

        • Bourges-Le Mans (260km with approximately 2,5-3 hours of drive)

        • Bourges-Nantes (359km with approximately 3,5 hours of drive)

        What to see in Bourges

        Cathedral St-Étienne

        This impressive building is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. It is one of the most famous attractions of the city. It is impressive from the inside as well as from the outside. You can also climb the tower and enjoy a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings from the top. From time to time, events are also held in this church. It is a real pleasure to listen to the concerts that take place here in the Cathédrale St-Étienne. The acoustics in this church are truly fascinating. You will enjoy it!


        Jardin de l'Archêveché

        This garden, created in the 17th century, is a must-see in Bourges. This amazing and peaceful park is divided into two parts. One part is for old trees with historical significance and the other part is a newer park with places for different activities.


        Old town

        The part of the city that you should visit. It represents the past and the present of Bourges. Walking through the old town, you can feel the spirit of this city. There are many half-timbered houses, narrow streets, small squares, and perfect places to have lunch or a coffee.


        Jacques-Coeur Palace

        This fantastic palace depicts the life and connections of the famous merchant Jacques Coeur to the royal family. Today, it houses a museum with various exhibitions that you can visit to get a better insight into how people lived in this city in the past.

        • Visit Bourges

          Explore France 

          Drive your rental car beyond Bourges

          If you are planning a road trip through central France, Bourges is the perfect place to start your trip. There are many beautiful places to visit in this region. The roads are in great condition, the scenery is stunning, the views are breathtaking, so all you have to do is buckle up and hit the road.

          There is something for every tourist to see and do. If you prefer the outdoors, you can visit the many vineyards and hills in this area. You can go biking, running, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, etc. There is also plenty to see and do for those who prefer to explore the cities, their history, and their culture. You can visit many good museums here in the Cher region. There are also some great festivals held here throughout the year, so you definitely will not get bored when visiting Bourges and the surrounding area.

           You will enjoy driving through this diverse landscape. There are many national parks in this part of the country. You can visit Brenne, Loire-Anjou-Touraine, and Perche. This region is of course best known for its wines, castles, and other historic buildings. Besides that, you can also visit some pretty little villages and towns that will enchant you with their great atmosphere, delicious food, and beautiful scenery.

          One of the cities you can visit is Tours with its majestic Cathédrale Saint-Gatien and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours. Another city that is worth visiting is Orleans. Do not forget to visit the FRAC Centre among other attractions in this city. In Chambord, you can visit the so-called Jewel of the Loire, the Château de Chambord. Nantes is also a place you should visit on your trip through this region. One of the attractions in Nantes that will probably impress the kids the most is the Great Elephant of Nantes. Also, visit Chartres with its famous cathedral and many other places you should visit in this city.

          Some places you should visit: Cadre Noir riding school, Musée du Compagnonnage, Château d'Azay-le-Rideau, Tours Natural History Museum, Chemins de la Rose, Château de Villandry, Loire Valley Lakes, Le Fondation du Doute, Château de Chenonceau...

        • Explore Bourges

          Enjoy the culture in Bourges

          Where to eat, drink, and party in Bourges

          Bourges, like many other French cities, is a destination for foodies. There are many different restaurants in the city where you can enjoy many different types of cuisine. Bourges also has some of its recipes for some local dishes. There are many specialties typical of this region that you should try. One of them is the Pavé du Berry. This delicious cheese is made from goat's milk and is not available in winter. Another cheese that comes from this region is the Sarments d'amour. Other dishes from Bourges: La poirat, Petit Berrichon, Sancerre, Le roule...

        Best restaurants in Bourges:

        S.P Restaurant

        La Pasta

        Au Rez-De-Chaussee

        La Suite

        Le Very Vappy

        Hong Phuc


        What you need to know about renting a car

        What do I need to rent a car in France?

        credit card in the name of the main driver needs to be presented. A security deposit may be required while renting a car so the credit card must have sufficient funds. You can find details about the security deposit listed while booking the vehicle as well as on your voucher. It is important to have a valid driving license with the name of the main driver as well as additional drivers when it applies. An International Driving Permit is required in addition to a National Driving License if the National Driving License you or any of the Additional Drivers hold is not identifiable as a Driving License, eg, it is in a non-Latin alphabet (eg Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese). It can also depend on the country or car rental company you are renting with. If you have found a car on our website, you can press the rental terms link from the supplier for more information about driving license requirements. You will need to have identification with you such as a passport and ID cards. When you pick up your rental car you need to have your voucher with you.

        How old do I need to be to rent a car in France?

        The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old but drivers with this age can rent only Mini and Economy Car Categories. Renters aged 25 and older may rent all Car Categories. With some suppliers for people over 75 years of age. Young driver surcharges may apply to many car rental companies for people under 25 years of age.

        Do I need car insurance in France?

        Insurances are very important when renting a car and can be different between countries. When renting a car in France with Orbit Car Hire the prices will include mandatory insurances in the country.

        Do I need a credit card to rent a car in France?

        In most cases, a credit card is required to be presented in the name of the main driver. A security deposit may be required when renting a car so it is important to have sufficient funds on the credit card. When searching for a car at Orbit you can see credit card requirements from all our suppliers.

        Do I need an international driving license in France?

        Drivers license issued in France or within the European Union does not have to provide an international drivers license. For drivers with a license issued outside of the EU will need to have an international driving license as well as your standard driving license. You must have both licenses with you at all times while driving a car in France.

        How do I find the cheapest car hire in France?

        You can find cheap car hire by comparing prices with all major car rentals at Orbit. A good idea can be to book in advance as the prices can increase closer to the travel period. 

        What is the cheapest rental car in France?

        You will find the mini car category or economy cars to be the cheapest car categories. Vehicles such as Renault Twingo and Citroen C3 often provide the best prices. 

        What is the best car rental company in France?

        You may find excellent service provided by companies such as Europcar, Enterprise Rent a Car, Keddy by Europcar, Alamo Rent a Car, and GoldCar. 

        What types and makes of rental car deals can I find in France?

        You will find car types such as mini, economy, compact, Full-Size, and luxury cars. Popular rental cars are Citroen C3, Renault Twingo, Peugeot 308, Toyota Yaris. 

        Does my rental car have unlimited mileage when I book it for France?

        Most car rentals in France offer unlimited mileage in their offers. 

        How to hire a car in France?

        You can hire a car in France with Orbit Car Hire in simple steps. First, you define where you would like to pick up and return the car, enter dates and times and you can search for your cheap France car hire. 

        How much is it to rent a car in France?

        It will depend on where in France you would like to rent a car and at what period. The summer months can be more expensive than during the winter. You can find prices down to 12 GBP per day. 

        Can you rent an automatic car in France?

        Yes, you can find a wide range of automatic rental cars in France. The best way to find your automatic car hire in France is to filter the "Automatic" transmission when searching for your vehicle. 

        Can I rent a car in France?

        Yes, you can rent a car in France in simple steps with Orbit Car Hire. You just need to be over 21 years of age and have held the driving license for a minimum of one year (This can depend on the car hire companies)

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        • Car Hire with Keddy by Europcar
        • Enterprise Rent a Car
        • Europcar
        • GoldCar Rental
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